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Hannah Holman, Ylonka Verheu, Anastasija K, Ilvie Wittek and Heleen Scholten are five of modeling’s most promising faces and each of the icy blondes is featured in Emma Summerton‘s striking British Vogue editorial. The girls are photographed on the cliffs of Dover wearing vivid red outfits, complete with coordinating crocodile clutches by Smythson.  Charlotte Stockdale‘s styling is a big part of what makes this story work so well but the pictures themselves are inventive and original.





Hannah, Ylonka, Anastasia, Ilvie & Heleen by Emma Summerton | Scan by McQueezy at tFS

  1. The girl in the front in pic #5 is Helena Schroder. She’s my favorite of this bunch (along with Hannah), so don’t leave her out! 😉

    And I think you mean Anastasija Kondtratjeva(sp?)?

  2. I agree.. criticism is fine, but sometimes it gets too overwhelming on these comments..

    Beautiful scenery, beautiful pictures..

  3. Emma Summerton never fails me. and absolutely; C. Stockdale’s styling truly helps to link the story all together.
    I love anastasija and hanna!

  4. To Kim who says Ilvie is a new face, nobody mentioned them as new faces but “promising models” which is exactly the right words for each of them. How long did it take to Karmen Pedaru to go from Teen Vogue and Christopher Kane to where she is now ? In “real life” not that much but in fashion “ages”. I’d say it’s basically the same for Ilvie now. She’s there for a while but (due to school ? age ?) she hasn’t reached her highest level yet.

    As for the Alien convention (loved the way it was put), the clones, the bitter blondes… I’d say it’s exactly what makes me interested in this editorial, a bit in the way the Prada ads with Nimue, Viktoriya and co. caught my attention. Models there have some similar looks (their expression, the repetitive blond hair all over the editorial) but each in her own way and none looking like a classic blond beauty.

    By the way, Aleksandra Tsyganenko is also there.

  5. Ditto Penny. In this edit, because everyone is blonde, its more about what each girl brings. Each girl does have different features. Its crazy to even think that just because these girls are blonde (which in fact is a very common hair color) that they look alike. The red, which I guess has become the new black, just pops against the white cliffs, and the pale blonde ladies of choice makes for an amazing edit by Miss Summerton. (Reminds me of an edit Miesel did for US Vogue last Sept) It amazes me how many people, with snarky comments, dont know the difference in being a model lover (which at times can be a little bias) and really fashion knowedgeable (what really makes it all come together)

  6. not bad…but still we need Meisel to really bring it to the next level..Meiseil like even better Avedon r the only ones able to make a model act…n this s not the case

  7. ugh. that would be hell to me…it’s like… the images are very cold and these girls have no eyebrows….paint drying is more interesting than these repitive, uncreative blonde…sort of Planet of the Apes. lol.

  8. the models don’t seem that promising to me. or maybe it’s just the photos. they aren’t terrible but they aren’t good either.

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