Gisele for Arena

On the heels of her bed sexy July GQ cover and the steamy August V is yet another cover highlighting the Brazilian superstar. This one proclaims her the world’s sexiest businesswoman. We proclaim her the reigning queen of magazine covers!

Ph: Nino Munoz for Arena September 08, pic via tFS scanned by Northern Star

  1. Gisele became the synonym of POWER!
    GORGEOUS! Just the supermodel of the millenium.

    VOGUE US should do a special with her. Only Gisele in all editorials and photographed by everyone. In the cover she could be with a crown and in haute couture, just like the QUEEN she is. It would be a historical edition!

  2. Ivanka trump is the worlds sexiest woman. Ivanka’s mega-rich, ultra classy and sophisticated. She’s more beautiful than gisele. And one of the most intelligent woman around!!! She symbolized power and wealth. That is deadly sexy! And she don’t have to be in a swimwear!!!

    Ps: I’m a fan of gisele.

  3. That’s a point of view. I do think Gisele is prettier than Ivanka. The difference is that Ivanka has Donald behing her, and Gisele got it all just by herself. And she is a model, so she wears what they ask her to. Ivanka is not a model. Gisele is a model that makes great business deals that give her a lot of money.

  4. Ivanka is lucky to have last name that would land her almost anything. Plus, she will always be father’s favorite daughter no matter what.

    Well, Gisele doesn’t have famous or wealthy friends before she hit it big. Look at where she is now. Definitely, she is sexiest businesswoman and accomplishment a lot to list.

    Most everybody knew who Ivanka is because of father and last name.

    Gisele was nobody then now, everybody knew who she is, thanks to cash cow contracts. Amazing, she is just model who have ability to sell anything without anyone’s help.

    Anyway, ivanka and Gisele are opposite species. They have goods in their own ways.

    Ivanka is kind of toward in smartest nor luckiest businesswoman, not sexiest.

  5. Now, when I need to tell someone that’s she’s great, gorgeous, a godness, I say: you’re GISELE!

    OMG! Gisele rules! She can go from haute couture to sexy without loosing the class.

  6. Oh Gisele! She’s so beautiful, the sexiest, most powerful, richest, best supermodel ever! I think she’s just wonderful, because she earns more models than many actresses, and she’s the last supermodel, according to people like Naomi and Claudia. I don’t say that just because I’m Brazilian too, but because she is such a good model, and I agree with Kate, she can do everything!

  7. damn she is so gorgeous! the most beautiful supermodel out there! no one can simply compare with Gisele! maybe doutzen kroes, but other than that Gisele is the most beautiful!

    what a face she has! and bodyyyyy

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