Double Edged

Two sides of Alla Kostromichova are on display in Numero. The versatile Ukrainian beauty poses for the always imaginative Sebastian Kim and the results are lovely. The color images feature Alla looking very Grace Coddington with a wild red mane and funky ensembles while the black and white pictures feature a sleek blonde Alla. Naturally both versions are completely gorgeous but we can’t help but feel a little favoritism towards the flame red tresses. Which version of Alla do you love?





  1. Wow.. you know, I never even thought of what Alla would look like with red hair, much less if I heard of it would think it’d be attractive.. But this is a stunning editorial. She seems to prove time and time again just how good of a model she is. -Really- beautiful.

  2. Sebastian Kim is really becoming a familiar name. I loved his work with CK jeans. and now i see another example of his brilliance-i love the lightning here!

    I thought the non red version of Alla is Nicola. They are like twin sisters.

  3. wow, those eyebrows! her face looks like a Viking mask!

    it’s true, she comes up with the goods every time.

  4. Both looks are amazing! So avant-garde and sleek… The firey red is very effective, so I’d have to favour the red also!

    PS: Off topic:
    No offence, however I wish people would stop saying I DIE. Rachel Zoe owns it. And she sounds equally stupid saying it..

  5. I like both looks, this girl has such a strong face, very elegant, can’t go wrong with her. Sort of like Iris S but this one can look very feminine too.

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