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For the latest Garage Magazine video Yvan Fabing and director of photography Jake Scott resolve fashion down to its visual building blocks. The heady film delivers an unfaltering Lindsey Wixson as she  advances through an abandoned warehouse corridor. While one look to the next refashions in a swell around her, the gritty, hard-edged mis en scéne is elevated by the Band of Skulls’ sexy, guitar-hammering Death by Diamonds and Pearls.

The macro visual effects by Studio Private segue from looks styled by Tati Cotliar and are synthesized onto Lindsey down the runway. A rebellious combustion of  fashion is imagined until she’s dressed in a thorn bush made of gold. The hyper-blooming visuals with the uncompromising rock’n’roll attitude faced by the stunning Lindsey Wixon create a powerful thrill.

Video courtesy of Garage Magazine


GARAGE COLLECTIONS from models.com on Vimeo.

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