Haute Tension

With her hollow cheekbones and icy death stare Nicola Haffmans has the kind of intimidating intensity that is made for editorials. Calling to mind avant-garde beauties like Adina Fohlin and Amy Wesson with her off kilter beauty, Nicola dominates each image she appears in. For Numero, Greg Kadel shoots Nicola in deconstructed looks courtesy of stylist Brian Molloy and the combination of Nicola’s look plus the layered ensembles is pitch perfect.





  1. I don’t like the way she looks on the runway,but she’s a very good editorial model,she photographs really well.

  2. Greg Kadel’s work for Numero is always impeccable, as are Brian Molloy’s styling choices in this story. There is definitely a lot of diversity in all these images, which only goes to show how far a great team can go. They really pushed Haffmans’ editorial talent to the maximum here and the results are indeed brilliant!

  3. Of all the new Dutch girls, this is the one that is truly special. She is going to be a true editorial force and I am sure this is just the tip iceberg

  4. A model that looks like a younger Amy Wesson? Sure, why not! Looking forward to seeing more of this girl.

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