1. I’m not a big Toni fan, but I can’t help to admit that this is STUNNING. As they say, simplicity is elegancy

  2. She’s beautiful but I couldn’t figure out she was. She looks kind of like a lot of other girls. I thought maybe it was lara, maybe Malgosia.

  3. She is quite lovely. Though the makeup and effects are doing most of the beauty work in my opine.

    I like it though. She looks beautifully submerged mermaid, deep in the abyss.

    Must we perpetuate blonde-dom?

    Her lips seem to be the speak here.

  4. Beautiful image, a lot of airbrushing!
    she´s definitely having a moment in fashion, but i doubt she´s the next claudia schiffer like someone said…

  5. i dont think its the best image of toni. she has prooved she can look even better. somehow i like it.. even though i think its a bit boring.

    but @EEK, do you really think she looks like a lot of other girls? like, she isnt unique or sth? for me, and i dont know wheteher you have ever noticed that, toni’s unique look is her plainess and her pureness. she’s so calvin klein or jil sander. and her bone-structure is amazing, dont you think?
    i love her

  6. Je trouve que c’est le magazine le mieux fait du moment.
    Pour la couverture, je me permetterai pas de critiquer un tel mannequin.

  7. Sublime…
    It’s going to take me a long time to get over this bleach brow strong lip trend, it’s just so damn effective!
    I haven’t touched mascara in months..
    Shame about the airbrushing, its a bit much – this looks amazing with dewy skin I wish retouchers would leave the skin alone sometimes!!!!

  8. Maybe I’m weird but I like her teeth. The buck teeth are the perfect contrast to that forbidding beauty. She looks like a robot has zapped her brain cells though.

  9. It’s a very nice photograph, and she’s very pretty, but I find her a bit boring, no emotion in her pictures (and I don’t mean this one only). Could we please bring back Natasha Vojnovic now.

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