Time spent with your best friend is always time well spent, so Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swifts March cover of American Vogue strikes a special chord. As an exceptionally dynamic duo the two have made headlines with their extremely close friendship, spreading girl power and positivity with every red carpet appearance and adorable Instragram photo. Mikael Jansson shoots the besties in road trip mode, cruising through Big Sur in a convertible and sporting Tonne Goodman styled bohemian wares from Saint Laurent and Valentino. Jansson’s photos are so good you can almost hear the sound of Swift’s hit ‘Shake it Off’ blaring on the radio as you look at them.

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  1. Definetely one of the best US vOGUE covers in a very long time. Its sweet, natural, the girls look wonderul. Yes one is a singer but it’s very sweet of Vogue to feature two gorgeous best friends, one of whom happens to be an actual model. I love it

  2. The friendship thing is cute, but this is hideous. So plain and White and blonde and boring. Why does the industry even bother allowing articles and interviews discussing racial diversity and challenging beauty etc. to be published, when they only ever go back and do the opposite. I know it’s only American Vogue but still, can we start expecting better now?

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