Love the Night Life

Vogue Nippon continues its love affair with Tao Okamoto, after a full issue devoted to Tao’s numerous charms the beauty reappears with a brand new editorial. Mariano Vivancos colorful and energetic shots (the lighting is absolutely beautiful)  feature Tao and Alan Carey on an evening out that looks romantic while still being edgy. Tao never fails to bring originality to her editorials but it is Shun Watanabe‘s slick styling that gives the entire story an added depth – the mood might be tender but the clothes are polished and urbane.





  1. I think the castong is great and the casting is pretty good too.

    The ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ themed editorial staring Tao as the Elisabeth Shue character has yet to be done but I see it happening in the near future. More classic films should be turned into editorials. I’m hoping they will also adapt the equally epic, ‘Real Genius’ into something for Vogue Hommes International.

  2. Hey Betty,

    Just wondering when the new Dazed and confused story is coming out with ethan james, trevor himes etc.

  3. Hair and makeup is good. Watanabe’s styling is cool. Overall, I like. Tao makes me happy! I am not feeling Alan Carey yet though, at all, but I guess he delivered in this edit. He almost looks like a bug to me (in his polaroids), but then again thats fashion. Anyways, he gets major points for co-starring with Miss Okamoto for Nippon.Great job kids.

  4. Love it!! Fantasic light on the photos. Love clothes on them. Alan Carey is somewhat new to the editioral, though. Still, he looks good. Tao, you go girl, work it out!!

    How typically of grumpy Truman Capote. Nothing new about his snarky remarks.

  5. the whole adrogynous thing is beginning to bore me. im beginning to think its just an excuse to slick the hair of the model back in an effort to avoid giving beautiful styling. is it just me?

  6. I don’t see any androgyny at all in these pics. She’s pure woman! I also don’t like the castong/casting of the guy. He’s not bad, he’s just not bringing anything interesting to the table.

  7. “More classic films should be turned into editorials.” I can’t agree with u more, Janelle:)I’m hoping they will also adapt “in the mood for love”…

  8. as an asian, i think there are so many deserving girls than tao. its not that im against her, but she’s very looking ordinary…

  9. I am South Asian, and would love to see more exotic beauties out there too. There is only Tereso Lourenco, and Lakshi Mennon, (though she is stunning) or Padma Lakshmi, the former model on Top Chef. It seems the editorial favor blonde girls or black girls. Not the ones who are in between.

  10. Oh so she’s androgynous because her hair is short? lol. Tao looks very feminine, with short or long hair. I’ve liked her for a long time and I’m VERY glad she’s getting the attention she deserves.

    I have to agree with the male model thing, maybe he’s a good model, but he’s just not needed in this editorial, no one’s looking at him.

  11. Actually Tao had long hair for a few seasons and she didnt do very well. When she got a bowl Phillip Lim used her to open his show and she exploded

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