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Ross Tanner. Pol and pic courtesy of Next London. (Interview and story by Kristen Bolt)

From a distance Ross Tanner exudes tough guy appeal- tattoos cover his chest and arms, the word swim inked across his knuckles. But underneath the t-shirt, Alice Dellal‘s partner in crime has an unassuming intensity which delivers a boyish charm to his body of work. Coupled with a lanky frame and green eyes, this professional BMX biker comme model has just signed with NEXT London’s new men’s division and is a surefire bet to add street cred to any shoot. MDC spends 90 seconds with the young Brit.

1. How have you seen street art influence fashion and vice versa? Is there a new respect among the fashion community for these forms of once underground means of expression?
With the notoriously hyped Banksy expressing his politics and culture through all cities, fashion was sure to follow with graphic t shirt designs. Since street art has become more of an integral part of youth culture, kids have jumped on these influences and trends.

2. Does being a BMX biker influence the way you move in front of the camera?
No, not at all.

3- What are some things you’ve learned about the fashion industry that you never would have known before?
Money is thrown about in fashion; I never imagined that you could make this type of cash in a day.


  1. I think we have enough tattooed, pierced Brit-boys by now…actually, one would have been enough already. In other words, no thank you…

  2. Next London have opened a mens division AGAIN!? They had one & got rid of it in 2003! Wonder why the change of heart … Especially up against the mens boards of Select, Models 1, Storm, Premier, FM, Independent etc.. Anyone know who’s heading it up?

  3. when did tattoos and piercings replace looks and being in shape?

    wont be buying clothing if this guy is modeling in it…what does that say about me?

  4. I think it is great that next have now got men in London – I am with nextmodels in Miami and LA and they are the Best


  6. Why all the negativity? This guy is really cool. If Next do men as well as they do women, and let’s face it they’re killing it right now!!, then they will make their men’s division a big success

  7. I think its great to see a bit of diversity and lets face it, if Next’s mens division is as good as their womens then they will no doubt be the best model agency in this industry!! I look forward to seeing more next men on here!!

  8. “Up against the likes of FM, Storm..” haha, no competition then. Next are a global industry, those other agencies are small time.

  9. “Up against the likes of FM, Storm..” haha, no competition then. Next are a global industry, those other agencies are small time”

    Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. Next London have HAD a mens division before from 2002 to 2003 & had to close it down b/c they couldn’t compete with the big guns like Select/Models 1 etc.. IMG also had a mens division in London & had to close it down in 2002. “Global” means nothing … How many of the top 50 guys in the industry are with Next? Not very many.

  10. “I know who’s heading it, and he’s a force to be reckoned with”

    What’s with the secrecy then!?! I know the owner of Next in London & most of the agents on the womens board but heard nothing about who’s heading up the Mens … Looking at the board online I’m thinking Independant have closed their mens board & moved over to Next … ?

  11. I hear it’s headed up by Reaan and I believe they will do very well under him. This is just one guy so easy on the negatives about tattooed boys, and also this is a very different world since 2003, I wish Next all the best with their men’s division, I know they have a great team there

  12. “I hear it’s headed up by Reaan and I believe they will do very well under him”

    Reaan? From? Haven’t heard this name around I don’t think … I hope they do well too .. It is a different world & it is a different team … Back in 2002/3 it was headed by Jaz who was at IMG here in NYC so had a ton of experience .. It just depends … Everyone at Next in London were/are absolutely lovely, especially the agents on the womens board. But like I said before, just because it’s ‘Next’ doesn’t mean that it will be amazing .. They failed before in London, Next in Paris closed their mens board also … it’s difficult to say. Just because an agency has a successful womens board doesn’t a successful mens board make! I wish them well though …

  13. I think modelling is a body thing, just as a great post here said before it got deleted. Face is not important, as there are no standards regarding facial features. Reality proves it big time enough for any misinformed yahoo crying about models not resembling Mark Vanderloo anymore.


    Next remains without question, one of the wealthiest and best managed management companies in the business

  15. PRO: Next remains without question, one of the wealthiest and best managed management companies in the business and in many ways the best current performer amongst the big brand agencies outside of IMG. With a very concise and focused scouting network that scans through Brazil, Australia and Poland, the past year has seen major dividends pay off for MDC Top 10 Faces, Malgosia, Anja and the sensational newcomer Catherine. Add to that the hard earned stability of Next’s big money bookings and what you have here is an agency that can guarantee you your checks without slipping into the mediocrity all catalogue bookings, all the time. When it comes to client relationships and alliances, Next Management is very discreet about its leverage but all the more powerful because of it. Faith Kates is one of the toughest negotiators around and with her on your side, you will work and at an impressive day rate.
    CON: It doesn’t really faze the bottom line of the operation which is swimming in lucrative catalogue capital that it doesn’t focus on image bookings. But there’s been a constant struggle with those “high image” bookings to counterbalance the big money commercial bookings that keeps Next rolling in cash. Thankfully the consistency of the scouting net that produces at least one editorial star a year, addresses that challenge nicely amplifying that Next is indeed that ideal of a full service destination.
    SCOUTING CALL: Any new model scouted by this company should grab the offer. The one-two punch delivered by the Wilkenfeld/Kates team is unmatched in the business. Next stands distinctly not as a vanity production like so many other agencies, but a business with a capital B. With an amazing scouting to management ratio there is no doubt that Next knows how to break a new face on the market.

  16. Sammy….sort it out love….the men that Next London represent currently on the first week of the boards release are pretty mind blowing…..just think where they will be this time next year.

  17. Guys like this are just what the modelling industry needs. Kids dont want to see the same old size 4 , long haired russian anymore. The want culture and connections with music and personal opinions. If agencies are going to be successful going forward then they are going to have to supply models to the demand of the customer. Guys like Ross are sure to do well with all the cool celebs getting booked on all of the major campaigns. Good Luck Ross xxx

  18. He has the classic look of the English…so is perfect for the tailored look. I think he is ideal for GQ magazine.

  19. If Reann is the booking it will be fantastico.In the mens booking there is only a few bookers that can cut the cheese with the diverse planning and strategy and Reanns is one of these.He know the trends,photographers,designs,the style. Already many boys are to switch to him because of this. It will be the new strong man division. Go Reann!! You are cool.You will make them others eat the bread!

  20. ordinary looking guy with tons of tattoos.. ppl and its all about beautiful men and women now. this kid wont last long.. NEXT!

  21. wow he has something about him definatly im not sure what but for the beautiful alice dellal who lets face it could pretty much get anyone to have him as her boyfriend then he gets my vote. GOOD LUCK ross x

  22. People, for the last time, modelling is about bone structure! Whathever’s on top of it is irrelevant. This is not the movies.
    Don’t be trashy!

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