EY! Boy Collection

Luis Venegas, the Spanish mastermind behind brilliantly unconventional magazines Candy and Fanzine137, introduces his latest groundbreaking project this week with the launch of EY! Boy Collection, an exclusive offshoot ofEY! Magateen, which has, through nine issues, celebrated an international collection of youthful, masculine energy with a provocative and cheeky twist. For its inaugural issue, in hardcover with a limited-edition run of five hundred copies, all one hundred pages have been turned over to Bruce Weber, whose gimlet-eyed view of all-American youth has spawned an artistic genre in its own right. Weber here trains his lens on seventeen-year-old Florida native Garrett Taber, an avid surfer and rising new face who first worked with the photographer on a shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch. Taber’s sparkling eyes and charming smile fill the issue, for the first in a series of single-guy, single-photographer collaborations that promises to add another shining star to Venegas’ bursting roster. Take an exclusive first look inside the new publication, now available at ByLuisVenegas.com, below.







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