1. As gorgeous as Anja is.. frankly I find this spread a bit demeaning to both of the models. It’s not too much above porn and the positions they have (particularly in the first and last images) really do nothing for them. It may be ‘sexy’ but to me it’s ‘sexy’ in a grimey, unflattering sort of way. This is a really disappointing spread and I feel bad that the models almost seem to have been exploited for it. :/

  2. I don’t mind this so much, since they are a real couple. It’s kind of like we’re voyeurs sneaking in on their private moment. I can dig it.

  3. Beautiful and tasteful.
    LOL, keep the pitchfork and torches in your closet Allison, if you’re calling this pornographic I suggest you turn off your computer and slowly step away from it never to come back. As they say you ain’t seen nothing yet…

  4. i’m don’t really like the first pic, but the others are nice. especially the second one, it’s so beautiful, subtle and full of emotions.
    anja is fantastic, i am so happy for her

  5. Biting him in the first pic would have been so much sexier, and made the editorial that much more magical. The licking…that’s just trashy.

  6. I don’t like the first pic either, I agree with Amber. But yeah tastefully done, not pornographic at all and there is little flesh!
    And I’m surprise that they are a “couple” but a pairing made in heaven. I couldn’t just imagine Sasha’s hand in the last picture, it seems that he’s groping a D*ck! He should have soften his hands a little bit or put it over Anja’s thighs..

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