The Return

Everyone loves a comeback story and this year no comeback has been more talked about, or hotly debated as Gemma Ward. Since resurfacing on the Prada runway during fashion month Gemma has been hard at work and the first of her high profile covers is Vogue Australia. Her hometown glossy has featured her on the cover several times before, but this issue marks Vogue Australia’s 55th anniversary and they celebrate with a bang. Emma Summerton shoots Gemma in cool blue tones, while visual effects team Animal Logic (the minds behind the effects in The Lego Movie, Happy Feet and The Great Gatsby) give the cover a surrealist touch. Inside Gemma’s sister, Sophie interviews her for a special feature in what is guaranteed to be an issue filled with excitement.

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  1. OMGosh! This is so excitant. I can’t wait to see more and more of her image stamped in outdoors around the wolrd!

  2. YAY! It’s official! She’s back! This established icon is officially back on track! Don’t know if you guys are waiting for her upcoming Prada campaign, but you need to put her on the icons list ASAP!

  3. I hope she’ll be back as a full time model. The modeling industry does miss her or @ least I personally do !!!~

  4. She looks PERFECT. THIS is what a major high fashion magazine should always looks like. Gemma looks every inch of the supermodel she is, perfect pose, amazing stare and presence, very modelesque and alien–like. Make up and hair and styling work wonderfully. I will FOR SURE buy this issue! The story previews look very much what US Vogue used to do with Steven Meisel, it is dreamyyy and cold and strong and luxurious. GOOD JOB Vogue Australia, very good job! Gemma looks like a queen and a goddess. Such a perfect idea to see her back on the cover of Vogue and her homeland’s no less. This girl ticks every box of a major supermodel comeback:

    – a high profile runway show
    – an exclusive booking no less for Prada for that one show
    – a homeland ad campaign
    – a solo girl model in that campaign too

    ANDDD a Vogue cover looking AMAZING … DONE AND DONE

  5. Gemma Ward is divine. A true lunar beauty.

    Taking a cue from her recent Country Road campaign with less retouching would make this cover a 10.

    Welcome back Gemma. We’ve missed you. <3

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