In Those Jeans

Just when you thought you had seen every group cover permutation possible W Magazine surprises with an all-star Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (Art Partner) shot featuring some of the biggest stars of today and tomorrow. Supermodel Kate Moss leads an all-star cast with Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone, Raquel Zimmermann, Saskia de Brauw, Mariacarla Boscono, Suvi Koponen, Riley Montana, Karmen Pedaru and Anna Ewers looking flawless alongside male models Daan van der Deen and Steve Milatos. Edward Enninful style the gorgeous group in denim pieces that range from subtly sexy to barely there.

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  1. @LP I don’t understand statements like this. If there would be no black girl on the cover it’s racist. Now that there IS a black girl on the cover it’s racist as well?

    And as for you saying they put here there to make it diverse well yeah maybe they did. But isn’t that the whole point though? To make covers and fashion more diverse? What wrong with that.

  2. @B You don’t understand because you are apart of the problem. One black girl is NOT diverse. So yes there is room to complain when there are ELEVEN other models on the cover whom are all white. “Born Beautiful” huh? Really, it should have been white girls, black girls, asian girls and hispanic girls. The same for the men. THAT’s diversity. Not a token thrown in.

  3. @B StarrAnt completely nailed it and understood what I wrote. The world and especially the modeling world, isn’t filled with whites and one black single. Also, it’s 2014. It aint the 18th century anymore.

  4. Definetely agree there are many, many beautiful models of all shapes and sizes and colors. They could have put 6 black girls on the cover. Or maybe bigger girls as well. Or maybe more Asian ones. They could have done so, in order to please people like yourselves. They chose to hire these models because they wanted to, as they should. They should hire black models if they want to, not to be PC about it. Racism is still alive and I loathe it, but on the flip side there is this forced PC attitude that is just enforcing racial differences. Who cares about skin color? There have been plenty of campaigns and covers featuring black/Asian models (only).

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