The Art of Anew

Art and fashion are far from strangers these days, but they form a special sort of connection in the latest issue of Italian magazine ANEW, the avant-garde brainchild of founders Francesco Bonami, Coco Brandolini D’Adda, and Martina Mondadori, in a richly textured feature that pulls inspiration from the groundbreaking work of performance artist Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus movement. Shot by CG Watkins and styled by Ilaria Norsa, with creative direction by Dan Thawley, the story features Tommaso de Benedictis and Karlis Adlers in some of Fall’s most memorable pieces, acting out a struggle of man vs. beast before works by Daniel Arsham and Peter Zimmermann at Paris’ Galerie Perrotin. “Shooting in a gallery was actually quite invigorating,” de Benedictis laughs. “You would get the occasional visitor who seemed a little perplexed when they encountered two shirtless models ‘fighting’ one another on the ground in front of an artwork.”

Those visitors might have taken some insight from de Benedictis himself, who began a master’s program in modern Russian art history at London’s Courtauld Institute last week and knows a thing or two about the intricacies of 20th-century art. “I got really excited when I learned that we were shooting in the Galerie Perrotin,” he says. “I had previously studied Beuys and the Fluxus movement at university and was familiar with their artistic objectives. The interesting thing about the Fluxus movement, with Beuys at its core, was the idea that interaction between the spectator and the artist became more important than any physical artistic outcome, and that this interaction actually became the artwork itself. So when we were shooting in the gallery, there was always a sense of interaction with the artworks on display, which adds another layer of meaning to the story.”










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