Photos by Daniel Sannwald (Management + Artists) courtesy of Garage Magazine for
Text by Christopher Michael

Despite being a New Yorker myself, Paris is probably the most exciting of the cities to experience during the fashion season. Everyone is a little more dressed up, and the elaborate landscape makes for a fantastic setting upon which all the most exciting fashion moments take place. At one point or another, you’re bound to bump into all of the masterminds behind this industry in the decorative streets of this city. It seems only fitting then that we ran into the ladies who launch some of the most adventurous new ideas, fluttering about the Louvre on their way to the Chloe show last week. While the rest of the world continues to seek out the best way to marry print and digital, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall showed off their exciting new issue of Garage Magazine – one that appears to be the love child of the pre-existing mediums. Having experimented with interactive publishing in a previous issue via the application Blippar, this season team Garage has gone rogue – and created an application of their very own.

To experience it download the garage app and point it at the magazine, it’s a new way to look at print!


We wanted to make it digitally interactive because we spend so much time on our phones, all of us, rarely ever sitting down in front of an actual computer. I am sure Jony (Ive) has done a bigger iPhone for this very same reason, because even iPads are clunky in essence when you consider how much we live on our phones. Often you have a shoot and you cut it, or you have an interview and you cut it, even that as a starting pointŠ you can put extra stuff behind. So we did this money film, because there is so much more that you can actually put in the magazine but it’s somehow a little bit elite to have to then go onlineŠ if you want to be really immediate, you can just see it. We had partnered with Blippar before, but I think when Michael and Dasha started talking to Jeff Koons and this idea of his digital sculpture came up we started talking about how anyone is going to see it. We all suddenly thought, how amazing would it be to put it on the cover, but how could we if it’s digital, how’s that going to work? Then we figured we would blippar it, but then we thought well actually at this point, we should just build our own.
Charlotte Stockdale, Fashion Director at Garage Magazine and right hand side of Chaos Fashion

With this, moving forward, you could potentially make any page, any graphic, something that you can scan. It can be a gif it can be a still it can be a film, it can be an interview, it can talk, it can be 3D. It just activates content.

You can scan a model and see her stats, see her card, see her profile. Normally when you come up with a concept for a magazine, it has to look good in print. With this, it doesn’t isolate the idea, it can be digital, still or interactiveŠ it doesn’t matter because it will all work.
Katie Lyall, Fashion Editor at Garage Magazine and left hand side of Chaos Fashion

A lot of augmented reality software already exists, we are all more or less on that path. But what’s really exciting about the Garage APP is this exclusive power of a unique collaboration with one of the biggest icons in contemporary art. To get your virtual Koons on top of a printed mag is simply a huge step into new consumerism. GARAGE is the only mag I can imagine who is able to generate this excitement on such high level. It’s more than a gadget, just imagine the emotional level a user gets by using his smart device to discover and experience this unexpected content! This is for sure the next evolutionary step in the fusion of print and digital. Ads become alive, sculptures pop up, bags and shoes walk through the pages….it’s just the beginning and it starts with GARAGE.
Mike Meiré, Art Director at Garage Magazine and the designer of this APP


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