1. What is it about the Asian community that worships these blonde, child-like models?

    I was at the Great Wall outside of Beijing a few years ago and there was a group of teenage, Chinese students that were infatuated with a tall, thin blonde girl from Poland. They asked me to take a picture of them with her. A few minutes later, a couple of African-American women from the U.S. (obviously) walked by and they got the opposite reaction from these girls.

    The perception of beauty is interesting, indeed.

  2. Japan definitely adopted western market in her own country. Speak of Tall, Thin, Blond an Blue eyes. Because, they are great at selling any products in East Asian market.

    Not because of race, because of business that Asian market can make money when hire GREAT model who able to sell anything.

    Every countries have different perception of beauty.

  3. I love Sasha and Tanya. Sasha is an incredibly fantastic editorial wonder. Tanya has some hot runway attitude. But DooDiva, I don’t know where you’re from, but T. is totally correct. The Asian community absolutely glorifies blonde hair and blue regardless of a models ability to sell. And in your statement you seem very confuent in the idea that blonde hair and blue eyes only can sell all types merchandise. “Not because of race”.. ?

    Personally I think Asians should try harder to love their image, and market themselves better in the market. As far as I’ve seen, many of them want to be white. But none-the-less,
    these are beautiful cover shots. I especially love the Numero.

  4. yes, i have this Tanya’s cover of numero tokyo and love this.
    i can see her unique beautiful face well on this cover.

    as Japanese side, i should say Japanese love not only blonde hair,,,but also brown, black, red, blue, pink,,,,,,,.
    its true that many Japanese like “cute”, “new”, and “famous”.
    hum,,,i should say this is more important than hair color.
    so, about international fashion magazines like vogue and numero, people here love Gemme, Irina Lazareanu, Bruna, Lily Cole, Jessica S, Agyness, Sasha,,,,for example.

  5. sasha is very beautiful, i love her. vogue nippon is very good, i like it. and i’m from viet nam.thanks.

  6. >What is it about the Asian community that worships these blonde, child-like models?

    I am sorry that you don’t like the fact that we(Asians) like those kind of models. We love to like cuties! Child-like/doll-faced models are very cute in my eyes. I love girls of our own too (the cute ones), so it doesn’t really mean it has to be blondes. 🙂

  7. Not all asians wanted to be white. Some caucasians seem to misunderstand asians when they say they like the skin and hair. it doesnt mean they want to be white.

    not asian but every countries mostly consist of causcasians models in magazines and ads. blamed the media and fashion inductry for portraying of beauty. MOSTLY Caucasions.

  8. however,im a blonde/natural/ ,and im tall and kind a skinny to,and i have blue eyes,so i wouldn’t mind if Asian people were giving me attention.but it is true a preception of beauty is interseting,cuz some of us like this,and some of us like that.it is just so simple to understand it.P.S. i prefer Tanya D. cuz she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  9. I love both of them! They’re completely different, but gorgeous! And yeah, it’s curious that Japan worships blonde blue eyes… anyway, I love them!

  10. Why do Japanese fashion mags show blonde Caucasian models? Because Japan can be a very racist and narrow-minded place (as can my homeland, Germany, and my current homeland, the United States.) Do not confuse prejudice with “exotic” cultural values… Japanese people can be just as racist and Aryan-worshiping as anybody else— it is not about “loving the blondes” as much as it is about hating anything that does not fit a narrow standard of “beauty.”

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