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Fresh off of her Prada exclusive, with her star rising fast Shu Pei is one of the most watched faces in modeling right now. Take one look at her radiant beauty in Vogue China and you can tell Shu is going to go very far. Jem Mitchell‘s luminous portraits are the perfect showcase for Alex Box colorful cosmetic artistry but it is Shu’s classically lovely face that takes center stage.





Shu Pei by Jem Mitchell | Scanned by kazaf @ modernparty.cn

  1. The new Karlie Kloss? Umm Karlie has only been around for a little while. She isn’t big enough or even experienced enough to have a replacement yet…

  2. She is so stunning. The presence of her eyes is intense. Though, I’m not so crazy about the sexualized asian concept. An asian girl getting a cover edit in oriental Vogue Beauty (rare as sin) and she’s made a sex kitten. Or perhaps I’m just missing loads of unsexualized content within such pages.

  3. she’s the new du juan ! she has done a shooting this week for love magazine and so many projects !! cant reveal anything but she’s the new asian starmodel, already done shots for elle china, vogue china again…stay tuned

  4. guys do you what her name and surname together means in portuguese? If wasn’t indecent I woul tel you all, but definetelly she looks amazing even with her funny name

  5. it is great to see asian models..cause i’m asian… but hope to see more korean models too!!!!! not only tao, liu wen, shu pei but also daul,hynoi,hye and han…

  6. There are other Asian looks that should be discovered……They should scout the Philippines, there are lots of diverse looks out there…..Asian but mixed with other races…interesting looks.

  7. @ Ambigous: I’d love to see more Asian countries represented, as I’d also like to see other countries in Latin America or Africa represented. It just isn’t that easy. I’m not keen on the process, but isn’t it more about the casting directors as well as the economics of the countries that don’t have much model-presence? It takes a certain amount of money to promote one’s self or even to take that trip to McDonald’s in Rio or to be discovered, no?

    Personally, I’m dying to see other looks from other countries represented. Facial features such as larger noses or huge lips are, for the most part, looked down upon as “ugly” in today’s model scene. I want to see that changed. I tire of the fans’ eager anticipation of the cute, odd girl of European ethnic background. I want to see someone different from an entirely different country.

    All that said, I’m loving Shu Pei’s presence and I hope she blows up…bigger than big!

  8. @kim

    My ex-roommmate is Black/philippino and she’s sooo Gorgeous ( Think a Skinny and prettier Kimmora Lee Simmons ), she’s short. But she said that in her country They had a lot of mixes, thus very interesting looks….Shu Pei is beautiful, but not everybody looks like her, fragile and porcelain-like. There are more Looks that are as interesting like strong and Bolder Asian look….

  9. shu is great!!! future star
    but she wasnt prada exclusive
    also walked for brands like marni and fendi in milan

  10. Kim was your ex-roommate called Amira Ahmed by any chance? She’s somalian/philipino and super beautiful and edgy. one of my favourite models at the moment, particularly that she’s doing so well despite being an ethnic minority, being a bit shorter and having short hair. The girl is beyond stunning.

    Shu pei is also gorgeous, whoever said oriental girls can’t be sezy? wtf??

  11. does anyone know of any filipino models that are on runway or have reputable campaigns? i can’t seem to find any, even those that are part filipino.

  12. i am so sick that when they all pertain the asian girls that always looks like chinese japanese nor korean. though i am asian also a filipino. i cant relate to their looks because they are far lighter and smaller eyes than us. at least there must be a south east asian girl. specially here in the philippines were there is a lot of diversity as they say.

  13. I agree with Cyril. There should be more diversity among Asian models, like Filiponos, Vietnamese and Indians etc.. I think maybe in these countries the fashion industry is less advanced?

    As a Chinese I can also assure you that not all girls here are squinty and pale. Some have bright, talking eyes, some have beautiful nose with nice bridge, some have natural tanned skin like one of my cousins. They are natural beauties. But the fashion industry isn’t all about the looks, it takes that little “something” to be an oustanding, unique figure. And since Caucasions generally have big eyes, when they see Asians with smaller, squintier even slanted eyes, it’s oh-so-different to them. It’s just like Asians are amazed when it comes to blonde hair, tall nose
    and colorful eyes. We all covet for something we don’t have. After all, we are not so different, right?

  14. love to see some more chinese models …japanese women are beautiful too, but sadly more on the too short side, except tao…
    like the diversity thats popping up.

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