Italian Vogue hits a nerve

Some interesting data: MDC’s OTM post on Sessilee’s Italian Vogue editorial by Steven Meisel had 64 comments! A record for a story posted on For Sessilee’s full stunning edit, click here.

Last Thursday, when the Italian Vogue hit our local newsstand, all of their issues were gone by noon. We at MDC, not only got the 4 issues for the office, but as fashion fans, we each got the 4 pack for ourselves. $80 for 4 magazines that’s printed in a language we can’t read! Yes, some might think that’s crazy but an issue like this one is why we love what we do! Interestingly enough, the younger generation of fashion fans (that is our awesome interns) chose to support the new girls (Sessilee and Jourdan) when they picked out their own magazines.

It’s truly a collector’s issue.. If you haven’t picked one up, another 10,000 will be printed. Here is a interesting review of the issue, a guided tour.

from Vogue Italia. July 08

  1. i was very impresed with the the incredible high fashion quality in this issue and i can only hope that these girls who brought this to life will not only be booked because of the color of their skin but because they are truly wonderful inspiring models /personalities to work with and that is what its all about. ! once had the pleasure of working with Alek Wek,and apart from the fact that she was stunning to look at,she had a personality and style to match and an incdredible flair for clothes for me thats what a model should be ,no matter the color of her skin!

  2. I completely agree. These girls are not great “black” models, they are just great models PERIOD!

    I love the world we live in now where the media took this issue and the subject and brought into the homes and minds of so many people that might not have been aware of this historic issue.

    It’s also a big wake up call to all those designers who have worshipped at the feet of that one generic model.


  3. I am so ecstatic that this issue is selling out in so many places. Not only MUST this be a wake up call to the advertising community and to fashion designers, that “Yes, black girls can sell magazines (and anything else), but that beauty comes in all colors, shapes and forms.”

    Sometimes I wonder how the fashion community that is full of such wonderfully creative people can have such a narrow-view of things like beauty? Many can’t see pass what is right in front of them.

    If these ‘creative’ people would just open up their minds to what could be, and get out of the box that they put themselves into, their world could open up to such endless possibilities of creativity, many have never ever experienced before.

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