Chanel’s Knock Outs

After that impressive supermarket set for the fall show you might have expected Chanel to deliver a campaign filled with walls of groceries and models pushing carts to the checkout line, but Karl Lagerfeld likes to keep us on our toes. Eschewing the familiar and taking the brand’s imagery into an even more unexpected place Karl sets the fall ads in a boxing gym. We’re sure more than a few fights have broken out over Chanel’s quilted bags and little black jackets so the venue seems oddly fitting. Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton are front and center in Lagerfeld’s images looking cool and chic amidst the gritty backdrop – considering the collection’s sportswear leanings the ultra-cool ads seem right on target.




  1. Miss Delevigne is the substitute of Ms. Moss in the industrie. In the next 15/20 years we’ve bee seen your face in the biggests capaigns. FACT!

  2. Cara claims for attention and is just a it girl of the moment. she is nothing like kate. Kate is beyooond!

  3. I’m impressed with Binx’s stardom. She’s the star in the business right now for a new comer. Booking only blue chips campaign.

  4. I’m sorry… Cara may be able to pull some nouveau-riche customers to Chanel but she can’t really carry the looks… the looks are messy, then she makes them look clumsy…

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