Pomp & Circumstance

Sometimes each individual aspect of an editorial works together so well that the end result is seamless. Take William Selden‘s captivating photographs of Katlin Aas for this month’s Dazed & Confused for example, the Tudor paintings theme is executed flawlessly. It begins with the perfect casting – Katlin’s makes for the ideal period piece heroine, her face calls to mind the distinctive beauty seen in the era’s portraiture. Katie Shillingfords expert styling takes off the runway pieces, strips them of their modernity and refashions them into ensembles that look antique – add into this Gary Card‘s amazing sets and Selden’s own moody style and you have the makings of something truly magical.






Image Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. So many wondered what makes Katlin Aas special – and the answer seems to be found. It wasn’t the classic beauty, but the power of power of royalty built in her features. If Karen Elson brought victorian noblesse into fashion, here comes the Tudors.

  2. The make up is beautiful and talk about “perfect casting” but I feel like something is missing from these. They are just too mundane for me, but that seems to be the purpose of them. It just seems very “stand there and look that way” and ‘click’, nothing more, nothing less.

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