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The American wave has begun! Modeling is an international business – a great girl is just as likely to be from Sao Paulo as she is from St. Petersburg and scouts have always searched far and wide for the next major face. Sometimes though, the best girls are quite literally the ones next door. The American model is experiencing a very timely resurgence and many of this season’s top catwalkers hail from exotic locales like New Jersey, California and Texas.

Given the variety of cultural backgrounds in the states American models represent an especially diverse range of beauty but all are blessed with the same down to earth charm that makes them favorites. Take a look back at some of modeling’s most memorable pitchwomen – Cindy Crawford,ร‚ย Tyra Banks, Carolyn Murphy, Bridget Hall, Hilary Rhoda – the list goes on and on, there is just something unique about the way the right American beauty can connect with an audience. Here are a few of this seasons much buzzed about newcomers whose personality and appeal make them the standouts of the new American wave.


Hannah Holman

With her platinum tresses and icy blue eyes Hannah is the definition of a classic All American beauty (were seeing shades of Kate Bosworth) and fresh off the heels of her Miu Miu campaign she blazed through a selective season – only the best would do. Though she made appearances at nearly every European show worth talking about we couldn’t help but notice her turns at Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel – it seems a certain austere German fashion legend has taken note of Hannah’s considerable charms.


Taylor Kraemer

With her winsome look and impressive nearly 6ft height Taylor Kraemer is hard to miss. Blessed with warm brown eyes and beachy blonde hair she made a splash at Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. The Cincinnati native has the personality and it factor to make a impact – don’t be surprised if you see her lovely face in a major campaign.


Jacquelyn Jablonski

So many shows, so little time – Top 10 Newcomer Jacquelyn was easily one of the most in demand girls walking this season. With a staggering 58 shows under her belt there was simply no stopping her. Something about Jacquelyn’s languid look resonated with casting directors and designers alike and she is quickly becoming a fan favorite too. The Jersey born beauty is sure to keep the momentum going with appearances in the most significant magazines and campaigns.


R’el Dade

As easily one of the most elegant faces to emerge this season R’el was poised for greatness. Her flawless proportions could be found on the runway of any designer looking for an added touch of class – note her refined presence at Dior and Giorgio Armani as well as a confident stroll down the catwalk for Hermes. The sophisticated Texan teen is also making her mark editorially with stories in Numero and an upcoming slate of work with a few choice photographers.


Lindsey Wixson

What more can be said about the 100% original California girl who snagged the opening slot at Prada and the closing spot at Miu Miu? The lovely Top 10 Newcomer is poised to have a bright future and with such a stellar season Lindsey, will be one of the most watched faces when it comes to campaigns.


Lyndsey Scott

Ever since she was discovered on and whisked away to a Calvin exclusive Lyndsey hasn’t missed a beat. Coming back stronger than ever this season with impressive showings at Vuitton, Prada and Gucci, her one of a kind look coupled with that ferocious walk have pushed her to the top of the list when it comes to fresh talent.


Keke Lindgard

This Hawaiian beauty’s impeccable season included Lanvin, Celine, Prada and Dolce – first rate bookings any girl but especially for someone so new. With a face that calls to mind the glowing beauty of Angela Lindvall and Bridget Hall Keke’s appeal is evident and sure to crossover into major editorial success.

  1. I can always appreciate a fellow Utahn. I adoooore Hannah, R’el too is gorgeous, Lindsey is amazing and Jacquelyn is really pretty. It’s really a great selection of new girls this season, no?

  2. very beautiful, Lindsay Scott has a nice face, she has some thing innocent and strong,

    R’el what a body!! she looks strong very professional, like someone who knows what she’s doing but at the same time she looks so young.

    I wish them the best,

    Lindsay for Prada, incredible!!
    Go girl,

    ps: when are they changing the rankings I want to see them in the top 50 and to see sessillee in the top 10, she did a great job.

  3. R’el is the one to beat here. Some may have topped her on the runway, but I think editorially she’ll be in a class all her own.

  4. R’el (not surprised by her name or the ‘ in it; why do “african-american” parents always try to make an orignal name, it never sounds pretty or something expensive. might as well name her mercedes. chanel iman is an exception because homegurrl is uh mazing, bananas, i d-i-e and i need an oxygen tank)is gorg and kinda looks like jourdan. lyndsay (there they go again trying to spell it “unique”) is not quite shutting it down but shes still cute. loving wixons jay z lips and eight ball eyes. God Bless amERICA.

  5. wow american models…are they real??!!!is that a joke??!! I’m kidding hahahaha
    actualy is very nice to see american grils in fashion I really love Tyra, Bridget and Hilary ,oh ,and ,of course ,Cindy LOVE HER!!!

  6. America baby! how wonderful of the agents to mine local gems instead of outsourcing.

    R’el is incredible, she possesses an alien kind of flawless. Jacquelyn…need anything else be said?!

    I almost smashed right into Taylor in the basement of Duane Reade on Bway & Grand. I was in a fury because my favorite lip balm was sold out. Quite tall and pretty… but kinda blank.

    R’el, Jacquelyn and Lyndsey are thee girls to beat. Loving it.

  7. Pardon me. Lindsey Wixson is from *WICHITA, KANSAS*. she was picked up by an LA agency after being discovered in her home town. the best are from the middle.

  8. Lyndsey is so beautiful and her body is great. i also love Jaquelyn Jablonski, they’ll both go a long way. But where is Monika Jagaciak? she’s a great model

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