Family Ties

Riccardo Tisci‘s ads for Givenchy have long relied on a familiar theme – family, namely those fashionable characters Tisci counts amongst his band of Givenchy loyalists. As such you’ll always see familiar faces like Mariacarla Boscono, Jamie Bochert and Julia Nobis in the mix of a Tisci campaign alongside fresh Tisci approved faces like show opener Veroniek Gielkens, new face Alessio Pozzi and the buzzed about Kendall Jenner. This season the campaign’s lineup even includes a select number of stars whose lineage makes them fashion royalty – Stephanie Seymour‘s handsome son, Peter Brant Jr. makes his campaign debut in Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (Art Partner)’s sleek imagery. With more images set to debut soon only time will tell how many will feature in this seasonal family reunion.


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  1. Wishful thinking, I know… But I really thought Adriana, Gisele, or Alessandra were going to be in this one… Especially Adriana since she has been all over Riccardo’s Instagram lately..

    ..But MCB!

  2. It looks like Kendall Jenner is truly becoming a fixture in the fashion community. Peter brant is a surprise. I know many think this is an odd cast mixture but I actually like this lot.

  3. Where is Joan?? I have missed her in his ads these past few seasons. I also thought Adriana would for sure be involved, they have been all over each other these past few months.

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