Three Times A Lady

For most girls getting one Vogue editorial per month is more than enough but for Karlie Kloss it is a whole different story. Miss Kloss’ meteoric rise continues as she graces three editorials in the November issue. First up she is shot by Mario Testino for an autumnal story with actor Tom Sturridge, then Patrick Demarchelier captures her for an out of sight studio shoot featuring Marie-Amelie Sauves eclectic styling. Finally, Karlie displays the exotic wares of designer Alabama Chanin as part of  Norman Jean Roy‘s CFDA nominee portfolio. While this just may be wishful thinking we can’t help but think an All-Karlie issue would be a wonderful thing.


Karlie by Patrick Demarchelier


Karlie by Mario Testino


Karlie by Norman Jean Roy

  1. I think that would be an excellent idea Janelle, I guess we just have to wait for Ms. Wintour’s OK. 🙂 Karlie’s rise in the industry has been nothing short of impeccable, especially for her to be so young. (only 17) I can not wait to see how far she goes with it all. Maybe she will be THE supermodel of the 2010s!

  2. karlie is really becoming a force in fashion industry and makes me so happy to see how fast she did this ,she learns very fast and became this incridible model

  3. Some people are born to be scientists or athletes. ..KK is born to be a model. She’s destined to be Big. What we are witnessing is just a start of her meteoric rise. …she’s the next Gisele. ….a phenomenon!

  4. Karlie goes like a comet, and I’m very happy of it. This girl really has positive wibe and very good energy around her, and this kind of model is nothing but a great example of all the young ones building their careers.

    And, can someone question Next’s ability of smart career building at the moment? No nonsense, just 1st class jobs. Step by step.

  5. She’s an incredible model! I love it how she’s so young yet still can look like an adult in editorials, I bet older women can relate to her. Reminds me of Karolina when she was younger, in that aspect.

  6. You know Janelle, after buying the November 2009 Vogue, and seeing it in its full content, it really does like the ‘Karlie Kloss Show’. Her having the cover would have just been the cherry on top of it all. She makes me smile. 🙂

  7. Nik, it does make me wonder if they will give her the cover. I haven’t seen Vogue promote a model to this extent (photos, name-dropping in a long time. But we model fans are one thing, but I wonder if the general Vogue readership will accept her?

  8. Lets us all push karlie to superstardom. She’s the One to be the next major Supermodel. She deserves it all because Karlie is very professional, sweet and a good role model. Plus, the industry needs another Great One, just as Gisele finished her reign at the Top due to motherhood and other business ventures.

    Remember when gisele was just starting around 1999 and became big for the past 10 yrs? ……this is 2009 and we need that Girl that comes in a decade to rule the modelling industry……Vogue aka Wintour chosed Karlie to be that Girl!

  9. I’m completely and utterly bored with her! and US Vogue is to blame. it feels like every issue is an All-Karlie issue

  10. is this a sort of prototype for a strike-back on the all-Lara-Stone vogue Paris plan to promote a model??

  11. Wowza. I usually don’t go for that All American look. I find it boring as Wonder bread. But Karlie Kloss is totally fresh. Without a shred of makeup, with just that clean ivory girl skin, she turns heads. The only model I like more than her is Coca Rocha, when she had that gorgeous red hair. I think Karlie is a little plain, compared to someone like Lakshi Mennon or Jessica Stam. But overall, she’s cute.

  12. I love Karlie in November 2009 Vogue….she looks amazing and sensational in every pages. She is really a presence.

    She is the best model in the issue by a mile…..she even beat Raquel Zimmerman who also has a story, next to her’s.

  13. Karlie’s amazing but she’s certainly not “the next Gisele”, because there will be no next Gisele! Sure, she’ll take a long break because of motherhood, but she will be back, looking better than ever probably. I’m not even offended by the term “the next Kate”, because girls similar to Kate emerge all the time, but a girl like Gisele?? Where would you find someone who looks as incredible as her, models like her, plus has a personality like hers?? In a thousand years maybe.

  14. Don’t think there will ever have another Kate or Gisele. Fashion world changes everyday. Don’t think Gisele is ever come back but I hope she does. Karlie has it all at the moment, young, tall, smart and sweet. The most important is she loved by Ana, that’s why she is always in Amarican Vogue. We will wait and see if she can be the next big thing.

  15. truly versatile. the question is whether she will translate like kate and gisele did (since many people are posting about this.) one thing that set k&g apart and turned them into supernovas is that from the onset men wanted to do them. it was not only about the fashion crowd embracing them as the next big thing. the combination is the key – blue chip and mass appeal at once – and it’s very hard to come by, as we know. one girl every ten years…

  16. Karlie is an amazing model, in editorials, on the runway and in person, a rare combination.

    gise: I was thinking… an interesting comment, until I spilled my latte at “men wanted to do them”. God, there could be so many other ways to say this better. Kids these days, sheeshh.

  17. Carola:

    When I said Karlie “as the next Gisele” I was referring to Gisele’s meteoric rise to Superstardom. Nobody can replace Gisele. because Gisele is Gisele, as Kate is Kate and Linda is Linda. They are all great!
    I was merely using Gisele because she was the last Big thing. Gisele did not replaced Kate Moss. Kate Moss did not replce the Holy Trinity…..Linda/Naomi/Christy

    Right now there’s a hunger for “That Next Big Thing” ……because after Gisele, nobody became or they lack that momentum to be truly number one……Raquel Zimmerman, Natasha Poly and Lara Stone…really didn’t crossover to be that TOP SUPERMODEL success, although all three are very successful in their own right.
    Back to Gisele’s meteoric rise, or Kate’s…..They really Shot to the Top the moment they broke out into the scene, because I believe is due to their uniqueness, talent and being photogenic, drive and Back up Support by VOGUE, which is a big DEAL!!! HUGE!
    Anna is always on the lookout for that Unique Beauty that will drove the fashion industry to another direction…..example: Waifish Kate, put the Glamazonian Models down to their feet……..Bombshell Gisele put the curves back via a Bra cup size from Brazil!!!

    Now look at who are in fashion right now??? Barbie Dolls who look like the same……Lilly Donaldson, Natasha poly, Raquel Zimmerman, down to the new perfect girls like Abbey Lee, Constance Jablonski, Anna J, Sigrid, Tonni…….and all European/Russian models……
    And then there’s American Karlie Kloss…….very young, very talented, her career is just starting and really boiling…..And she looks Totally Different, she looks odd at first ( just like the really young, pale, early brunette Gisele )……….but she’s got it all…natural talent (she’s born to do this, just like Placido Domingo is born to sing ) sweetest personality and Industry Backings aka VOGUE!……….all she needs is just a bit of luck!

    PS: after watching this video, I am sold!

  18. in the beginning im always captivated by her walk and death stare , just cant keep my eyes off her and true to my deep prediction, she is rising fast ^_^
    she may not be the next giselle just yet but she certainly can be the next kate with that look <3

  19. LuvisGrand: lol. thanks for acknowledging my post. i’m no kid, btw. been working actively in the fashion industry for over a decade now. kid at heart – yes. 🙂 i’m just a straight-shooter. no time to waste.

    to cut to the chase, i recall being in bryant park when gisele was doing shows in 99/00. you could see men’s back straightening up and their necks craning over their laps the moment she stepped on the runway. and these were straight men who didn’t know one model from the next and were there doing pr with their wives (and even gay men who’d never gotten a rise out a woman.) it was instinctual.

    i was still in school when kate broke through, but not young enough to ignore the fact that she oozed sexuality/sensuality even as a teen. she was so comfortable and alluring in front of the camera (still is!) and despite the cries against her tiny frame, she slipped into the fantasies of the average joe – and the definitely-above-average prince of the scene at the time, johnny depp, of course.

    my point is that vogue and anna have so much, rather too much, to do with who gets to be a top model – but they can’t manufacture a supernova like gisele or kate. and boy they try, right? at the most, they can turn a girl into the queen of the fashion crowd (carmen, liya, raquel, etc., come to mind – karlie might be next) and these girls have thus won/earned the golden ticket.

    but to become an icon, you need the average joe lusting after you – and for a while. it’s still incredible that girls like kate and gisele have managed to do this. it’s what every single model scout, editor, and designer out there wants. so rare, hard to come by. the perfect convergence of so many factors beyond any single entities’ control.

    good luck, girls… the next supernova is due about now. bet none of us can really guess who it will be. 🙂

  20. i remember seeing her on the the teen vogue magazine cover with chanel iman and ali michael.she seemed very average looking to me then and to be honest, she still does. but there’s something really sweet and lovable about her(watch her interviews) that one can’t help but root for her. as much as i like her and am happy for her success, i wish anna would give bruna tenorio, the brazilian beauty a chance!!!!ana, if you’re reading this, please give bruna an editorial. she so deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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