Away We Go

Tim Walker, Edie Campbell and Jacob K head to Burma for a special shoot for W Magazine. Travel editorials are always intriguing, but Walker’s haunting images take things to another level, capturing a series of distinctive Burmese landmarks and Jacob K’s eclectic melange of prints and gilded details. The story behind the 10 day shoot is equally intriguing; from the off-kilter inspiration (Mia Farrow’s imaginary sister Prudence) to the way Walker and crew worked with locals to create these evocative shots.

See the full story & read the article at W






  1. I usually don’t really love Edie, but the last picture is amazing! Out of this world!

  2. Are you crazy???? You should respect our religion and culture. Never do it again in our country.

  3. If you visit to one country ,you should respect their culture & religions . Now you broke our hearts . I hope , you never come back to my country. I don’t wanna see like this photos again and your face. so disappointed :/

  4. Tim Walker (#electricfoto) and W Magazine (#wmag),

    If you guys are working professionally you should respect the culture and religions of the country which you visit or work.

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