The Story of Sean O.

Sean O’Pry has one of the most recognizable faces in male modeling and with his position at the very top of the heap its no wonder that i-D chose to profile him in their Fall issue. What little Sean O. tidbits do we learn from this special interview? Turns out Sean loves sweet tea, his momma and he’s gearing up to make the jump into acting. Matt Jones‘ down to earth pictures and Sofia Odero relaxed styling show Sean for exactly what he is, a charming young man from Georgia blessed with boyish sweetness and the kind of classic appeal that never goes out of style.

Sean O.

Sean O

Sean O


Sean O by Matt Jones | Scans by Northern Star @ tFS

  1. Very nice, and he is THE face of the male model pack
    The first photo, however, it really unflattering

  2. Is he the next Brad. PITT?

    I also read that fellow male models Kerry Degman and Chad White wants to try acting too?

    I would love to see them hotties. ..

    Can Sean O get a guest spot at Gossip Girl?

    What do you think?

  3. well it will be very hard for him to get a guest spot on gossip girl, since Sean is much better looking then the season regulars and that would take away from the stars in the show. But a guest spot is just designed to help the plot move along.
    he ideally would have to land parts with other “unknowns”, weather that be a movie or a new Pilot to show A. if he can actually “act”
    and B. allow him to be the star of the picture, and therefore allow him to be seen as a “leading man”

  4. well anthony….that remains to be seen if Sean O registers well in the big screen and if he can act.

    I don’t think he will be a threat to Nate Archibald ( Chace Crawford )….that guy is way better looking than Sean O.

    a show like Gossip Girl would be a good vehicle for him……’s Mass media yet High End…..her highness Tinsley Mortimer is a regular!

  5. Seeing Sean O makes me wonder even more why would appoint Karl Lagerfle’ds boy toy as No. ranking.

  6. I agree with Becky…why Baptiste Giabiconi is at number one instead of Sean???!!! really,why??!!
    Sean is the perfect male model ,he is highest paid male model…He deserves to number ONE

  7. Ambigous: Nate Archibald ( Chace Crawford )….that guy is way better looking than Sean O.


  8. “Sean is the perfect male model ,he is highest paid male model…He deserves to number ONE”

    You don’t know if he’s the highest paid unless you’re working in every agency & have details of every guy in the industry. Just b/c he works a lot doesn’t mean he’s earning the most … Up against some of the guys who have big time exclusives I wouldn’t be so sure that Sean is the highest earner.

  9. @ RODRIGO

    Baptiste works for Karl Lagerfeld, so he earn much more money then Sean;) But fact is that Sean looks better then Baptiste:)

  10. does any one know if or who Sean is represented for legit, and commercials? or is Lana taking care of that too ? has he been taking classes, or studying any type of acting? regardless who is better looking Crawford or O’pry- looks can ONLY get you into the door in that industry.
    -talent is required.

  11. Sean Opry is really pretty, but is it me, or does his look lack diversity? He looks about the same in editorial, every campaign.

  12. Hopefully Sean O will have representation skilled in that area. Modeling booking isnt that difficult, but he would have to be in the best hands for acting.
    Good luck Sean!

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