1. Half Japenese, Half Mexican.
    Nationality: Mexican. As she is the second asian in Vogue Italia, she is the second mexican in Vogue Italia also.
    As a proud Mexican I couldn’t be more happy for Issa! She deserve it!

  2. Congrats to Mexico. She is a real stunner in person. Great personality. I see more Mexican models coming in the spotlight.

  3. Saul, she’s actually the third mexican, after Elsa Benรญtez (Apr. Aug. & Sept. 1996 and Feb. 1998) and Liliana Dominguez (Apr. 2001)

  4. Jamie Bochert vibes from this one. Love the styling, love her. I think the editorial will be great.

  5. I worked with her at a Oscar de la Renta event in Mexico and some other mexican fashion shows, she’s a cool girl, great personality, congrats to her ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh…….so she’s half-Mexican, half-Japanese!!! Her look makes so much more sense to me now. Almost a year later after this cover, ot is evident that this girl is making big-girl strides in the industry. Excited to see her look mature in the coming seasons. How old is Issa anyway?

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