Country Life

Dree Hemingway has a way about  her, the waifish beauty brings something charming to all her photoshoots and her turn in i-D is no different. Alasdair McLellan takes Dree into his signature countryside landscape for a shoot that is brimming with natural beauty. The simple jeans and sweater styling by Jane How and the boyish presence of new face Darryl make these seem almost like snapshots from a personal photo album than an editorial.





  1. As I said before…..

    Dree Hemingway is gonna be Legendary Fashion Icon

    there’s something about her……

    long after she’s done modelling, people will copy her style, she will become their Muse and Inspiration.

    She looks fearless…..and modern and intelligent and Fabulous! Fab! Fab! Fab!

    that first pic of her is insanely beautiful!

    she’s one of those women that defies an era and eternally cool…..

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