First Look: Details’ Supermodels

The big March issues are making their way onto newsstands this week, and now Details has entered the fray with a guaranteed winner. Those who complain about the dearth of models on magazine covers will surely be cheered by the sight of not one, not two, not even three, but ten of today’s biggest superstars shot by celebrity photographer Mark Seliger (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists). Casting director Edward Kim gathered Garrett Neff, Clement Chabernaud, Noah Mills, Tyson Ballou, RJ Rogenski, Andres Velencoso Segura, Mathias Lauridsen, Arthur Kulkov, Simon Nessman, and Sean O’Pry for an iconic group shot that expands across a triple fold out. Dressed by Benjamin Sturgill, the ten are shown in some of spring’s sharpest pieces, and the accompanying feature within finds them surrounded by the buzzing lights of a classic New York night. Vanity Fair can have Julia Roberts and George Clooney; we’ll take these guys any day. (Images exclusively for courtesy of Details, for video and more, go to







  1. Sean O should’ve been front and center. Really odd choices for the cover especially Garret. I like the interesting addition of Clement but IMO should be Simon N, Sean O, and Mathias (or actually Leandro Maeder had his career been managed better). Glad models are making it on the covers though but it takes to be much more global to be a supermodel IMO…

  2. God forbid they add some color: Corey Baptiste, Tyson Beckford, David Agbodji, Rob Evans, Armando Cabral, I mean really?


  3. Clement is the #1 HIGH FASHION male model and deserves the front and center position. None of the other models here can compete with his recent track record. Very well deserved.

  4. Mathias Lauridsen is the king now and ever!
    Thank you Details for this amazing cover.

    Noah and Sean are also great, by the way.

  5. Garrett being on the cover with Clement and Noah surprised me but I like that Details is more upfront for a mens magazine to put male models on their covers. Honestly although it’s a harder market for them.

    Sean already appeared on the cover of Details with David Gandy and Arthur Kuklov, which is probably why he is in the fold out instead.

    Heck Tyson had the cover during September with Emily DiDonato too and should’ve been there since his longevity speaks volumes. There are so many names that should’ve been there too.

  6. What a great cover and fascinating article from the magazine! The cover is really cool and fresh too and the piece is really well written. It’s been a while since a mainstream American publication or any worldwide high fashion magazine decided to bet on male models to sell copies and to awake an interest from their readers. It’s a nice surprise because I’ve never bought a single copy of Details magazine but looking at this cover I just might. I really really like the fact that first off I could recognize every single model on that cover, as the author of the article says, these men are everywhere: in magazines’ editorials, huge advertising campaigns worldwide, on TV commercials, in big windows of luxurious department stores, on the runways, popping in movies and series and have achieved within the fashion industry a presence and a name for themselves. It’s been such a long time that male models received this attention. It really is an exciting time. I remember when I started modeling 10 years ago it was a nameless business for men, only iconic names such as Tyson Beckford, Marcus Schenkenberg and Mark Vanderloo were known but later for the past 10 years people forgot about male models and they became indeed accessories. I was difficult to find jobs, to receive decent paychecks and to get editorial stories without being a 2nd role with female models. However the question from the author of this article: “Will they become household names?” is sort of disappointing because it means he doesn’t even think it will be possible. Having praised the magazine for giving such a landmark cover for the men’s fashion industry, one thing immediately trucked me out when I saw the foldout cover: there is no Asian nor African American male model on the cover. In the 21st century race is still a big issue even in fashion, why? I just don’t get it. Talking then about the scale of the social media audience that these top male models have reached is simply due to the fact that men don’t buy as many clothes nor spend as much money on beauty products but it’s also because men don’t pay as much attention to their own kinds however women tend to compete much more on looks, beauty, age, items etc. When Kevin A’Pana, Clement Chabernaud’s agent at IMG Models, talked about the big following of male readers and men in general towards those male models I felt it was a right-on comment so to speak: “There are a lot of fans and young boys who look up to these guys and this relationship translates into stronger sales for the brand and a more powerful perception of both the fashion brand as well as the talent,”. I do understand that those male models sort of represent for their own countries, in France Clément Chabernaud is really appreciated and known, in Spain André Velencoso is like a god and in the US Garrett, Sean, Tyson, Noah really are being followed by thousands of guys. So these models are like athletes in a way, they are the champions in their category and do have legions of fans worldwide, it’s a big change since the 80’s and 90’s. I really hope to see this movement going but I do have to repeat this: we need more diversity at the top of men’s modeling.

  7. Bertrand, wow, thanks for your part above 🙂 I do agree on race and ethnicity, they shouldn’t be missing in fashion in general and in such an important issue of Details either. In this way this is disappointing. On the other hand the casting is a pure heaven to me. Clement, Noah and RJ are my all-time favourites!

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