Ten High

If there were an award for cover creativity, 10 Magazine would certainly be in the running. The magazine’s off-kilter frontpage never fails to surprise and for spring the lineup is multi-faceted. With an array of rising star models, male and female gracing the covers of 10 and 10 Men, the spring issues with their wry “selfie, platform, hookup, hashtag, digi” text and arresting images are sure to standout on the crowded newsstand.


Josephine Le Tutour by Cedric Buchet (Art Partner), casting by Shaun Beyen


Natalia Siodmiak by Cedric Buchet, casting by Shaun Beyen


Devon Windsor by Cedric Buchet, casting by Shaun Beyen


Zlata Mangafic by Cedric Buchet, casting by Shaun Beyen


Brad Williams by Mark Pillai (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris)


Theo Derville by Eric Nehr

  1. yes, there are some interesting photos. I’m not fond of pictures with snakes. I don’t know what’s up with that. the picture of the man with the water hose is striking.

  2. I don’t understand what’s going on with Devon’s chest in the picture? It looks like she’s topless but they’ve photoshopped out her nipples? I mean – I get that you can’t have nudity like that on a cover – but surely there are other solutions? Or maybe I’m just not registering what’s really going on? Either way, it’s distracting.

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