Love Lottie

Kate Moss is one of the greatest models of all time so it is no surprise that her sister, Lottie Moss is every bit as fetching. Sean and Seng shoot the lovely newcomer for her very first published story,  a special Dazed & Confused editorial shot on the streets of London. Styled by Robbie Spencer and featuring an assortment of chic yet sweet pieces, the story makes for an appealing debut. Though she’s got a bit of the Moss attitude Lottie brings her own charms to Sean and Seng’s expressive images. Looks like we have the makings of a modeling dynasty on our hands.

See the full feature including an interview with Lottie on Dazed Digital






  1. Yes, Lottie Moss is poetically beautiful, and has very much her own look. Can’t wait to see her first editorial and further work!

    All best wishes to her!
    Numael D.
    San Francisco

  2. Normally I am not that fond of ‘family member’ models, but Lottie really has something going on! Love her look.

  3. Lovely girl, but why not do a photo tribute to Kate Moss, who has been the most prolific model in history? She just turned 40 I would love to see a large article with most iconic photos of her! Please do this haha

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