Red Alert!

Fashion’s love affair with redheads is longstanding and there is nothing better than seeing some of our favorite ginger girls all in one story alongside a few fresh faces. Greg Kadel shoots an impressive portfolio of flame haired women for Vogue Germany and captures the unique beauty of each. Stylist Nicola Knels mixes in an assortment of colorful, patterned pieces to create a visual overload that pops off the page. Maggie RizerJulia Hafstrom and Chantal Stafford-Abbot look phenomenal in Kadel’s eye-catching imagery.

Casting by Julia Lange | Hair Marki Shkreli | Makeup Mariel Barrera | Nails Dawn Sterling


Paulina Münzing


Chantal Stafford-Abbot

Julia Hafstrom


Bree Zucker


Maggie Rizer


Kira Lillie


Julia Noni


Ellen Turietta / Images Courtesy Greg Kadel Studio

  1. hej sweeties !
    One day in the winter coming I took a round in London town..
    I met Juan one morning in Regent park, it wasn’t the “Juan” from the opera but a very similar look in mind, purity in the eyes, a ephemeral look, a dress “off “the trend, lovely legs, the jacket unbuttoned, a ray of sun warn enough, Pandora had decided to open a little more of her cleavage to let the light enter her breasts, naughty foggy nipples, a rambling warmth through the bushy thin muscles, she smiled at my regard on her, we exchanged a smile, she approached me, held my waist.
    I thought “ what would it be to open the box ?”

    -I do not think it would be much more. She said.
    -Can you read my mind?
    -Just in your eyes I could the signs.

    I saw a deer, an ice bear, a terrible monkey and I lost my keys, the dress wasn’t much more, an image on a body. A pair of high heel shoes, a style to look sensual simplicity, the photographer a bum, buttocks, the shot and there I held between my fingers the bullet.

    -What would you say if I posed for you? She added.
    -I would pretend to have a camera.
    -I through the Vogue magazine in the bin.
    -Let us see if the bench is still made of wood. I said
    -Take my hand, take my arm, my lips a kiss.
    -Invisible I will remain in your arms,. I added with the kiss.
    She whispered.
    -Why do a model has to be sexy to be see?
    -Because we are blind, we don’t see the dress.

    The girl soon was on her way, a catwalk away, I watched her vanish in the crowd.
    Soon the rain came back, I stepped across from Mayfair into China town, a

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