Full View: Transmission

We first previewed the eclectic and intelligent Transmission Magazine with an interview editor in chief Dylan Forsberg that provided an in-depth look at the magazine’s inception and unique point of view. Now the entire issue is available for perusal online, complete with stripped down stories featuring Alana Zimmer, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Samantha Gradoville and Kasia Struss. Shot by Forsberg and Paul Maffi the issue explores themes of duality and transparency via an array of thoughtful content – short stories, paintings and of course photographs.

  1. One thing I like in Models.com is that, in their texts, they use correct, and, sometimes intricate language.

    Something scarcely seen on the Internet these days.

    Kudos on that because it sharpens the readers’ mind.

    And, needless to comment it is a fabulous site… Bravo and Thank You.

    Well done Janelle ! 🙂

  2. Excellent in every way.
    Firstly, it’s wonderful the way the issue springs to life within the MDC interface. Unexpected and quite amusing.

    Transmission feels honest and intent on putting ‘we the people’ back into the fold. The appeasement of bright lights and bottom lines charted us upon a nearly soul-less train to no where particularly special but this is a hopeful direction. One that is forward and perhaps revolutionary?!

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