The Bombshell Returns!

Given that she’s already America’s favorite pinup, it was only a matter of time before Kate Upton branched out into cinema. Her first starring role is set for an April release, but Upton is already in full promo mode resurfacing on the cover of V Magazine‘s Denim issue with a cheeky set of images by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Sporting Nicola Formichetti designed Diesel and a knowing look, Kate looks every inch the bombshell. Added bonus – lift up the plastic on the frontcover and you’re treated to a shot of Upton in what else – a printed bikini.

Preview V87, the Denim Issue on V



  1. V Magazine, I love you! You always give us great fashion! And I love beautiful Kate Upton too! Mil Gracias V!

  2. Geez don’t hate the player, hate the game. And knock it off with the “Photoshop” comments. You can ‘t possibly think she’s the only one or that she only looks great as a result or “Herculean” post work?

  3. Same ol’ comments! I’m no fan of Kate Upton but the constant criticism of this girl is unnecessary. JW’s comment is right, almost all models in the industry heavily rely on Photoshop.

  4. sure all of the models in the industry are photoshopped but none as much as her. have you ever see a candid picture of her without makeup? I wouldn’t say she’s not pretty but she looks completely different. and they always edit out half of her waist, which really shouldn’t be necessary.

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