Daria Delight

Fashion models on the covers of major American publications? Wonders never cease! 2014 just started and already we’ve been treated to Joan Smalls on the cover of Elle, now Harper’s Bazaar surprises with a beautiful cover of Daria Werbowy. Shot by Daniel Jackson and styled by Alastair McKimm the stripped down cover and accompanying editorial offer an appealing departure from from what we’ve come to expect from Bazaar. McKimm’s minimal chic selection of pieces works perfectly with Daria’s innate style (love the Proenza Schouler on the cover) and Jackson’s studio shots are modern and beautiful.

See the full story including an interview with Daria on Harper’s Bazaar.com





  1. It’s great to see Daria back!:) she looks pretty and natural! I love love love how bazaar doesn’t over photoshop unlike Vogue!

  2. There’s been quite of print-work from Daria lately who is known for shunning the camera. This is a major cover and it makes me wonder if there is some kind of restrategizing on her and her agency’s end and she’s making a play to enter the main stream’s consciousness. It will be interesting to see where things go, but she just has such an incredible career!


  3. She could have gone father in her career, but her humbleness – or lack of bigger ambitions (i´m not criticizing those who reached stardom) – prevented her image from being on the covers of magazines which do not cover fashion. Yet, she definitely made it to the top and deserves much more prestige.

  4. yes she’s the world’s hottest supermodel: the one VS desperately wanted, and the one who showed them the one finger.

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