Double Debut

One of the last season’s most compelling new beauties was the lovely Imaan Hammam, a Givenchy exclusive who opened Tisci’s dazzling S/S show and captured our attention with her graceful presence and unique look. In the months since Imaan has been showing up in all the right places, particularly in the pages of American Vogue where she headlines not one but two stories in the January issue. Posing alongside Liya Kebede in Mikael Jansson‘s tropical escape editorial and showing a completely different side in Craig McDean‘s chic collections story.


Ph. Mikael Jansson | Fashion Editor – Camilla Nickerson (Art Partner) | See the full story in the database


Ph. Craig McDean | Fashion Editor – Grace Coddington


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  1. In love with this photography.
    Imaan’s spread and Cate’s cover alike.

    Imaan photographs like a dream and walks like an angel.

  2. I’m with T — DNA is probably popping the champagne corks, just thinking what 2014 has in store for them. Imaan has presence.

  3. She should have had the cover. New Year, New Face, New Approach. Much more exciting than Cate. Bye American Vogue.

  4. I like these new faces and the return to diversity in the industry. But one must note that all the top and emerging black female models (today) pretty much don’t stray too far from Liya Kebebe or Joan Smalls in skintones and facial features.

    The message now is that we’ll get diversity as long as they are more European or Eurasian looking black models, who likely to be biracial or some other combined mix through genealogy.

    What I would like to see is a return of more models of the Naomi Campbell, Debdra Shaw, Kiara Kabukuru, Beverly Peele, and Oluchi types to be brought back in.

    Yasmin Warsame was the last of the black “mahican.” And even her features were European looking.

    I guess they truly do want black people dipped in white.

  5. She’s pretty but not “one in a million” if that makes any sense. I agree with David’s comment. What’s more shocking is even biracial models have their skin colour lightened in photoshoots and campaigns. It’s not only Black models though, the fashion industry also favour Asian girls who look white. I think it’s a case of, if we lighten your skin enough, can we pass you off as a Caucasian model? The industry appears to be going backwards…

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