1. why her mouth is half-open?? is it the new trend among fashion magazines, looking woman who´s begging for sex??
    Eva ir bigger than that, someoone should blame that artistic director RIGHT NOW!

  2. Eva is better than ever! I can’t stop watching D&G add with her, her energy at the add is the best one!

  3. It needs to be acknowledge that Eva is a timeless Supermodel and she does the job right better than 98% current working models of today. Just look at her movements on camera, she does it with ease, sensuality and natural talent. I say, lets all bring back the 90s GIrls. Let the real pros do the job, and quit making 16-17 yr old teens act like grown ups.

  4. And why not??? Linda, Eva, cindy, claudia, yasmin et al. Doesn’t look like a day older than 25. Why not give them all most of the work. They all do the best job, and inspires real women not to shoot for the stars, in terms of chasing an unattainable 16 year old Body, lured to them by the designers!

  5. a beautiful woman photographed by a great photographer but the woman does not look beautiful in these photos

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