1. She is a really beautiful girl and a great model. I hope she doesn’t slip from the top like so many beautiful girls (e.g. Gemma, Lily Cole, etc.) have before.

  2. what a waste..not be4en able to give consistency…she look awesomeeee in pic 1 n 2 n the rest s so useless

  3. Picture looks a bit freaky, is that her neck on the right side? Face is great, but something about her neck area that creeps me out

  4. I think Camilla and Coco did an amazing job. Trumancapote……..WHO is amazing to you? WHAT is amazing to you.? you just seem like a hater……all the time.

  5. I love Coco Rocha… but, that shooting doesn’t like me to much, her have better pictures jeje, but, It’s so pretty!!!

    ( second picture, her eyes!!! so fear, jejeje really amazing eyes)

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