One of the Boys

Toni Garrn is easily one of the most unforgettable faces in modeling right now but don’t let her pristine beauty fool you, she’s still got what it takes to go up against male modeling’s edgiest boys. Tyler Riggs, Lyle Lodwick, Marcel Castenmiller and Joseph Culp join Toni for David Vasiljevic‘s motorcycle enthusiast themed story for Numero Japan. The whole gang seems right at home sitting on the back of a scooters and motorbikes and Toni is looking very Claudia Schiffer circa Guess.

Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn


  1. Toni is way too beautiful and expensive to be hanging with these boys……These Boys can’t handle a lady like Toni, lol!

    Walmart-Types like Lara Stone or Freja Beha would be more fitting….

    Let Toni be Toni…..she’s Chanel, Gucci and Escada

  2. I love Toni. She is so beautiful.

    And Lara and Freja are not Walmart types. They are more high fashion than half of the girls out there.

  3. I agree with some of the comments above. She doesn’t fit there. She’s too classy and pretty, so she looks out of place, and she’s not lady-like enough to make a strong juxtaposition.
    An older lady-like model would be a different story.

  4. Toni is pretty but its so boring. not convincing. i agree some other model like ranya or edita would be great.

  5. can’t agree lara, freja and abby are walmart types. but i do agree lara would fit this ed better. still, tony looks good here

  6. well when I said that Lara and Freja are Walmart Types…. I did not mean that they are cheap and trash… I’m a Big Fan of those two.

    I just meant that they are versatile enough to look like they can be seen in places like Walmart more than Toni Garrn who will never be in a Fantasy caught pushing a cart at isle 6 blue light special!

    Gap-tooth and albino Lara stone, yes I can see her. Tomboy-chic Freja, yes! Both two can do both DIOR and CHANEL and be blievable doing an editorial shot at Walmart, right???

    Toni Garrn is not that Girl. it doesn’t mean she’s not a good model, it’s just not her style. Nor Lara and Freja be deemed hiigh end or expensive because they can be picture at Walmart, they are just very Versatile models…….

  7. well, i think the case that she is such an elegant model fitting perfectly in chanel or gucci makes it pretty intersting AND BEAUTIFUL seeing her in such an editorial. it looks stunning. like a good girl gone bad. i love the images!

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