Dutch Masters

Modeling moves in cycles and every few seasons it seems as though there is another set of great girls hailing from a new place. This season is all about stunning Dutch girls and it is easy to see why. Who better to embody the classicism and straightforward prettiness that defines the current look than the beauties of the Netherlands? As established Dutch models like Lara Stone and Ymre Stiekema lead the pack a host of new faces have been steadily gaining prominence these past few seasons, here is a crash course in the Dutch faces to watch.


Patricia van der Vliet : With a Prada exclusive and a super selective New York season under her belt, Patricia is definitely a face to watch for Paris. Wouldn’t her perfect proportions and cool beauty look just right at Lanvin or YSL?


Mirte Maas : The stunning Mirte has a slot on the Top 10 Newcomers list and has made appearances at Prada, Calvin Klein and every other runway worth talking about. Add in the early editorial buzz and you’ve got a superstar in the making.


Bregje Heinen : As one of the MVPs of Milan, Bregje is poised to repeat her success in Paris. Though she’s got enviable proportions and a walk that just wont quit, special attention must be payed to that undeniably beautiful face. Pillow lips, an icy blue stare and the kind of sensuality that makes beauty contract dreams come true.


Nicola Haffmans : With her distinctive feline look and womanly allure, Nicola was among the stars of London Fashion week. Luella, Christopher Kane, Pringle – if there was a hip London runway she was on it. The sleek edge that blew London away will definitely impress Paris.


Lisanne de Jong : Alexander Wang enthusiast and Prada exclusive, Lisanne is a former Model of the Week. Her natural beauty and engaging personality make her stand out from the pack of lanky blondes. Paris should provide nothing but excitement as we can easily envision Lisanne on the most directional runways.


Nimue Smit : Though she’s only been in the game for a few seasons the enchanting Nimue is already a star in her own right. Prada campaign? Check. Vogue Italia? Check. Another flawless season? Naturally.


Anna de Rijk : Anna has been on a roll since her Prada exclusive last season. With strong editorial work and impeccable seasons in each and every market there is really no stopping this regal classic beauty.


Nicole Hofman : Quality is better than quantity, with a debut at Burberry that set tongues wagging Nicole Hofman placed herself on the fast track for success. After showing up at Prada looking lovely this very fresh face is all but gauranteed to have an interesting Paris season. Expect to see her on only the most exclusive runways.

  1. Patricia is the new linda evengelista, hard to believe that linda is still alive and already has a reincarnation

  2. Janelle, this is an interesting observation and I love this new shift. Admittedly, I’d love it more if the shift were away from any Eastern or Northern European country but at least this is different. Someday, I will read of a shift to say…Vietnam, Morocco or Mexico and then I will be truly surprised and elated.

    padre, Patricia does have an uncanny resemblance to Linda Evangelista but wasn’t Milla J. was the first to “reincarnate” La Linda?

  3. These girls supposed to represent dutch beauty. ffs show some sense people….

    This is not the image people should have about beauty…female beauty is having curves on your body.

  4. Where is the mother that started this so called ‘Dutch Invasion’?

    Ahhhh she’s now among those commercial and bikini models>>>SAD SAD SAD

  5. I’m sorry but Patricia looks beat! she’s no way can be compared to La Evangelista! No, no no way!!!!

    I know that Lindsey Wixson got all the buzz right now courtesy of her PRADA first face, but I’m putting my bet on Mirte Maas to be the next Big Star……She looks amazing!

    Is Mirte the Next Big Thing???


  6. The best girls are Lisanne and Mirte.They are classic beauty to the fullest.!!!!And patricia a new Linda????? are you guys blind??
    Patricia is really cool but does not look like Linda E. but one thing is certain,……IT IS ALL ABOUT THE DUTCH. >>>>>>>>>>>> KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE DUTCH!!!!

  7. “THE” Karen Mulder….. Doutzen Kroes, Lonneke Engel, Fredrique Van Der Wal, Dewi Driegen, Rianne Tan Heken, my favorite AVEENO girl Daniella Van Graas, Kim Noorda, Yfke Sturm….

    and of course Miss Lara Stone herself are all famous Dutch Models….

    Mirte Maas looks like on her way to the TOP…

    Alexander Wang’s muse ???? must be BIG!

  8. I think you’ve got a point, Willemijn Koppelman needs to be in there aswell, do her shows arent that big but she has one of the strongest faces of the new Dutchies.

  9. I saw that girl in Mathew Ames and Moschino C&C I was in shock she is with Direct instead of Paul Rolands girl at Supreme.
    It is not the kind of ss for a girl like that

  10. Mirte & Nimue – new generation. Patricia & Bregje will have very decent career like Anna de Rijk. Others will fade. But yay Dutchies!

  11. wow the dutch wave is coming strong and thats not even the end of it ! Check out fabulous Svea Kloosterhof and the amazing twins Gwen and Donna Loos!

  12. I love the looks of all these dutch girls. Je t’aime dutch girl Swanny from IMG too

  13. Zeg Redrock, waarom gaat er niets boven Nederland ?
    Noem mij 1 goeie reden !
    Zeker wat betreft de modellen waarvan 80% hun afspraken nooit nakomt en dat ook niet nodig vindt !

  14. The next Dutch girl to watch is Aileen Loquet, remember that name people!

    (TonyJones NL, Nathalie Paris)

  15. ik hou van me nederlandse meisjes en ik kan niet wachten om in new york een beetje met ze te babbelen over hun succes in hun cariere.

    people, are you reading this ?????
    snatch her before it’s too late.
    She next year’s Jac

  17. Anastasia Beaverhausen………..ARE YOU BY ANY CHANCE A STYLIST FROM HOLLAND??????????
    ps svea is beautifull

  18. @MichaelMarch, oh no honey, Im just an alcoholic middle-aged 5fth av. white bitch clad in labels.

  19. @darth020, oh kitten, you’re not so bad yourself either. Adore ur work. Wahtdoyasay, wagyu-burgers at my place démain?

  20. Just for the record:this dutch wave is not a fluke ! It started with Wilma Wakker discovering Kim Noorda,Bette Franke and Sophie Vlaming and her new amazing face Gwen Loos,then Code came with Nimue and Svea,Paparazzi got besides from Doutzen the amazing Anna de Rijk and now there are 5 more ! Wow !

  21. What about Michelle Westgeest? She did Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Alexander Mc Queen, Jean Paul Gaultier and other shows.Her face is stunning!.beautiful girl!

  22. you forgot Donna and Gwen Loos!
    and I wish you posted more brunettes.. I find them more beautiful though Bregje rocks, she’s soo pretty, met her in reallife. Really she is stunning.

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