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Kate Moss on the cover of British Vogue is nothing new (Kate has racked up 34 covers of the magazine in her storied career) but John Galliano as guest fashion editor is an unexpected change of pace. The controversial former Dior designer features alongside Kate in Tim Walker‘s vintage inspired cover story and brings his flair for drama to the pages sporting a top-hat & tails in Walker’s high flying images.

Take a look inside the December issue of British Vogue at


British Vogue Kate Moss Galliano

  1. Good. Indiscretions aside, lets be honest here: Fashion NEEDS Galliano. There I said it. As for Kate, she can get a Vogue cover each month for all I care, she Always delivers the very best covers, even at 40, and hopefully much longer after as well.

  2. Sounds like a great issues since Galliano is a guest! that’s a present for Christmas. But I find the image a bit weak Kate looks almost Cross-Eyed in a way lol.

  3. i think that image of kate and john together should be the cover, it’s stunning. I agree with Marty she looks a bit cross eyed in the actual cover.

  4. I am sure Vogue could get better photo of Kate for the cover. Not loving it but Kate still has the magic. Can’t wait to see Galliano do more. I missed all his shows.

  5. Great to see Galliano back, the industry needs his beautiful creations and artistic vision.

    I remember seeing him in Paris last year, not looking quite so dapper, as he does here.

    Personally, i’d love to photograph him myself, have done for years. I’d shoot a great cover of him for Vogue. 🙂

  6. so uhmmm fashion “needs” an anti-Semite? It makes me sad a magazine like Vogue endorses someone like this.

  7. Please … Galliano is an amazing artist and certainly many of us want to see more of him and his wonderful creations! Can some people leave the whole “anti-semite” story in the past? please?

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