First Look: DSECTION + Givenchy

DSECTION Magazine presents us with a Givenchy exclusive straight from the mastermind behind the brand itself, none other than Riccardo Tisci. In “The New Ethnic” by Mariano Vivanco, Tisci carefully selects his favorite Latin American and African inspired looks from his S/S 14 collection to bring us the fierce cover story below. DSection + Givenchy? Luxury menswear at its best.

Models: Betty Adewole, Ivan Gonzales, Harry Goodwins, Jibril, Emil, Andy Walters, and Marcus Parkin | Creative Direction: Paulo De Amorim Meixedo | Fashion: Paolo Zagoreo | Casting: Paul Isaac | Hair: James Brown | Makeup: Zoe Taylor | Set Design: Trish Stephenson

Text By Victoria Perillo





  1. The ed could be better but I need Betty to be a success. She’s got it. You can feel her intensity. Meisel better get up on it

  2. i m probably the only one to think that this s a very big mess , paste & copy looks from the show and not even be able to replicate the make up s quite silly .. there s a thing called : editing lol

  3. I agree with truman. It is quite messy but Betty manages to single handedly raise it to another level. That alone is amazing!

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