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This past Monday night we received major news for the fashion and modeling industries. Governor Cuomo signed and approved the bill recognizing underage models as child performers in the state of New York. Up until a few days ago, these models went completely unrecognized as child performers and were exposed to unsafe, unhealthy, and unlawful working terms and conditions. In an effort to put an end to this, Sara Ziff, founder and director of the Model Alliance, helped to create this bill in order to protect them under the Department of Labor, which will now (finally!) allow child models the following protections they were previously neglected:

  • Mandatory chaperone for those 16 and under

  • A nurse with pediatric experience provided by employer

  • Teachers along with space for study time and tutoring provided by employers

  • Working permits recognizing their employment

  • Midnight curfew on school nights, and at least a 12 hour time window in between each job

  • Financial trust account holding at least 15% of their gross earnings

The new child labor laws will go into effect in 30 days. Now we can only hope that other popular fashion capitals will take notice and make a change for child models in those cities as well.

Bravo, Governor Cuomo!

For more on the child model bill and The Model Alliance,

Text by Victoria Perillo


Image Credit  | Coco Rocha 

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