Change at Dsquared2

The Imagist previews Frillr‘s Dsquared2′ coverage. Fashion fans around the world sit up and take notice that the majority of the models in the show were of “color”. Tyson Beckford, actor and one of a handful of male supermodels known to the average person, opened the show. Also, excitingly is the rumor of an all ethnic lineup at Lanvin. “Change” in fashion seems happening as we speak!

Just in: The Moment/NY Times talks about the “The New Black”.

Ph: Frillr via the Imagist

  1. I don’t deny a ‘ethnic’ change would be the best thing to happen in the world of models in long time, but does it still feel like a fad or token in a way? Its gone from one extreme of all white models to all black as a show of ‘change’, and I admit while it might just be the start its also mens shows, which hadn’t quiet reached the one track white androgynous extreme that that the womans has (although big dollar mens camapigns are still predominantly white) What about a healthy mix of not just white/ or black models but of white, black, Asian, Hispanic, European and people of mixed multicultural backgrounds?

  2. Wrong. It has not gone to the extreme of all black models in the slightest. It is still in the white extreme like it has always been, except for minor occasions like this, that want to show that other races do indeed exist.

    Btw, Ruby, “people of color” does not mean black people only, because as you can see, the man walking forward in the photo is not black, and neither is the man walked away in the background. “People of color” pretty much means other races besides just white.

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