She’s So Unusual…

Lula Magazine has always moved to the beat of its own drummer. The quirky bi-annual publication favors its own aesthetic rather than following the herd and in doing so has become the premier source for the kind of ethereal and whimsical editorials that everyone can appreciate. Given the magazine’s taste for all things idiosyncratic its no surprise that winsome face of Prada opener Lindsey Wixson can be seen in their latest issue. With her rosebud lips and lanky limbs, Lindsey looks like something out of a dream and Damon Heath‘s soft photography only serves to highlight her unique look.





Lindsey by Damon Heath | Image Credit – Scans by fearless123 @ tFS

  1. Marilyn got Lily Cole work well and keep in the business, so same agency can make Lindsey live long too. Not one-time trying, but well considered, prepared move, I believe. Let’s just hope the girl herself find versatility when time goes by.

  2. Absolutley beautiful, both the uniquness of this model’s features and the photography are gorgeous, lik a modern porcelain doll

  3. Well she certainly isn’t beautiful but has an amaaazing face. I see her doing that same thing with her mouth in every pic.. Thing is, I think I like her because she reminds me of that “dolls” trend that hit 3-4 years ago (Lily Cole, Anna Nocon, Gemma Ward). Ahhh everything is a copy of a copy nowadays, I wish someone would bring Erin O’Connor back, now that’s a face I miss.

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