Body Consciousness

Modeling isn’t just about being 5’10, 15 and from Russia, there is a whole other side to the industry. Fitness models play by a whole separate set of rules – if you are an expert athlete, a health junkie or just a regular person who loves to work out you should check out Wilhelmina’s Hot Body Model search. With a search that aims to find the next fitness modeling star the door is wide open for unique talent. The fitness division at Wilhelmina features such diverse talents as Olympic swimmers, doctors and trained yogis so it isn’t just about having the right look, it’s also about having physicality and the ability to connect with the real people who enjoy these activities.

The two winners receive a contract with Wilhelmina as well as a slew of prizes. Think you fit the bill? Then head on over to the open call tomorrow at Wilhelmina between 10 and 3. Or visit one of the other open call events coming to a city near you.  There is a 20 dollar fee for participation but it’s a small price to pay if you’ve got the right stuff.


  1. I just want to say something: Why Ymre is the number 11? I know that she is a Prada girl but what else she did? She has no cover. I think Sigrid deserves more than her. And i know that’s not the subject here but i had to write that. kisses