1. Gisele’s game has been on point lately. I didn’t realize just how “super” she was until recently. She’s killing it

  2. Love her big time and Gisele can’t do wrong but we have seen this many times before. Not the best cover of French Vogue, it’s more like Vogue Beauty cover.

  3. You can’t really compare Kate and Gisele, they are so different! Kate is just as iconic as Gisele and they are both fabulous.

  4. Gisele does it best. Because she lives an admirable and inspirational lifestyle, so shes the go to girl for health and beauty. A no brainer.

  5. Gisele is the best- ever, however this image is lacking in aesthetics in terms of its photographic composition, and the hair and make up leaves much to be desired.

  6. I think the hair and makeup look great! If you don’t like it, then you don’t get it. It’s 80s power glamour all the way. In that Avedon/ Scavullo way. It’s suppose to be ironic and slightly tacky. Obviously! Gisele can pull it off perfectly.

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