Prada’s New Groove


If model casting has a Superbowl then it would have to be the Prada show. No show is as watched, critiqued or analyzed as Prada when it comes to casting. Model fans and industry bigwigs alike wait with baited breath to see just who Russell Marsh will pick and when the dust settles everyone gathers around the proverbial water cooler for a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking. Who was the opener? Who closed? Who should have been walking? For the love of god where is Sasha!?!?!

And so on, so forth.


Top row- Lindsey Wixson, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Sharon Kavjian. Bottom row- Lyndsey Scott, Kate Kosushkina, Shu Pei.

This time around the show had no shortage of surprises. If you could tear your eyes away from the hypnotically over the top clear plastic pumps you’d be quick to notice just how many first timers there were. Girls like Valerija Kelava, Mirte Maas, Nicole Hofman and Patricia van der Vliet all made stunning debuts. The talk of the town is of course Lindsey Wixson, whose impish features and perfect walk landed her the coveted girl one slot but Kate Kosushkina‘s ethereal ease closed the light and airy collection with a bang and who better to embody all that is light and breezy than the charming Miss Kosushkina!


Shu Pei and Liu Wen.

In a move that warmed my cold, jaded heart there was also a bit of diversity with Lyndsey Scott, Liu Wen and Shu Pei all walking and looking gorgeous in those Lolita pigtails courtesy of Guido Palau. It is wishful thinking to say that this could be the beginning of a campaign moment but after S/S 09’s blonde overload wouldn’t the ultimate cool move be a Steven Meisel shoot featuring this uber cool trio?

  1. Prada just wasn’t it’s best this season .Miuccia wasn’t her usual intellectual self with the inspiration and ideas behind the clothes ,etc . The hair was horrible and personally I’m quite indifferent about the casting . Kate Kosushkina closing thrilled me though!

  2. people praise Prada for nothing sometimes; this season the house failed with the casting although seeing Shu Pei made me quite happy!

  3. wow. really? who is russell paying at for all this hype? i read more worship about him here and its sad. the cast was not new nor a big shock. i am so tired of the prada worship. a clear handbag? really? a clearly petrified 15 year old russian girl closing the show? really? such sheep.

  4. What can I say Jonas, Russell sent over a box of plastic pumps and now I am under his thrall! Wait till you see my stunning Prada clad feet on Jak and Jil, its going to be major…

    I can honestly say that I thought the casting was very interesting this season – not a lot of the usual suspects, fresh set of girls, some much needed diversity. It worked for me and I think it worked for the collection. Were going to be talking about the casting at every show that really gives us something to talk about though so if you’re not feeling Prada this round, wait a few days and something else will come around that will wow you.

  5. shu pei was great and nice to see the diversity. but i thought there were better shows (castingwise) in NY. i actually thought vera wang or even altuzurra or proenza, was better than this. i just dont get the bandwagon mentality. its like people are going to say its amazing and surprising regardless because they believe the hype. i for one am not buying it. i think that designers like Maria Conjeo and ohne titel who are doing really beautiful clothes and interesting things should get a bit attention.

  6. I think the reason why Prada is focused on is because its the kind of show where a girl can get noticed for other things like a campaigns and editorial work. You walk Prada and you have a shot of being booked for the campaign, being booked for Italian Vogue and etc. Walking a show like Proenza is great but it doesn’t lead to the kind of things that Prada can. Big shows like Prada, Givenchy, Miu Miu and so on so forth can help cement a girl’s career in a way that a smaller show might not. Prada exclusives arent’ what they used to be but look at how many of the major girls right now were launched by Russell and his crew.

    This casting was pretty interesting given the history of Prada – its rare to see 3 minority girls walking this show and that is something I think.

  7. Prada is using black and asian girls. Let’s hope the sky doesnt fall. Now it’s time for an ad campaign. I’m going to barf if I see another blond overload.

  8. last spring season for prad was so much better, the clothes, the models and ofcourse the casting, really not big, in my opinion a little bit of Rocha was required for spice up the show

  9. I was so shocked to not see Karlie or Sasha P in the show. For the most part, I really did not like much of the casting. I wish they would have used someone like Darya Kurovska. She needs to have her big break!

  10. Well, all I have to say is : 8 DUTCH GIRLS!!!!! It is ALL ABOUT THE DUTCH!!! Such a small country and so many girls.

    And please everybody pay attention to LISANNE DE JONG>. Can you say: Classic beauty that will last more than just 2 seasons.!!! She is amazing! Lisanne rules. Lisanne rocks.

  11. Very nice to see some black and Asian girls in there, it seems like they finally realized we’re in 2009 (or maybe it’s just the fact that more Asians are buying their clothes and they have to please their buyers, but I’m happy to think they’re finally having some common sense when it comes to their casting).

    And about Sasha.. Prada girls aren’t forever. But you’ll see, she’ll be in a show or campaign again, sooner o later.

    Kate who?? Nice to see new girls having their big break, but you know most of them won’t last more than two seasons.

  12. I really dont understand why lindsey opened the show.. out of all the models..?

    She looked like she had never walked at a show before.. :/

  13. Russell picks new ones for Prada, and Rami new ones for Jil Sander, and there’s always new ones opening & closing. It has became a tradition, so everybody’s waiting who will be the next “it” girl. It’s also wise marketing: another reason to follow the show, forgetting the clothes. Miuccia is smart, and Russell has power – what else is needed.

  14. Pradiversity! shock and awe to everyone who lambasts prada. the hair was a bit overdry-looking… not all girls looked great with the pouty lips but it was so cute and light a show it doesn’t matter. miuccia said on that she liked this collection of hers and that’s all that matters, people will still buy prada…

  15. Prada has just opened itself up to the world. By advocating diversity, not only will their market expand, but I’m sure that the fashion community is pleased.

    The cuts are great, the hair- adorable, but appear too hasty. Other than that, Amazing Show.

  16. OH my god !!! Lindsey!!! i am SO HAPPY for her i use to hang out with her when she first started her career as a model we use to go to castings together shes so motivated and i am not shocked to see all the GREAT success she is having i love her

  17. Hey Janelle- who were the other new faces in the show? can you feature them as well??? I’d like to know more about them too!

  18. i m a Miuccia obsessed fan….but i ve to say i m quite disappointed this seasn..the poeple with a real background in fashion immediatly remember the Miami s Gianni Versace collection n some late 90s still gianni collection…..only Iseline as n 2 was a nice surprise for me….those girls r so avarege

  19. the shoes in this collection are just plain hideous to me and the whole perforated look to the bottom of the clothes didn’t look very good either.
    to me it’s still the same old, same old 15 year old European girl looking scared to death. the only good one is jac lol.
    but i agree, people will still buy prada either way

  20. I’m so sick of reading this line – “No show is as watched, critiqued or analyzed as Prada when it comes to casting”…
    What is there to compliment about having Liu Wen, Shu Pei and Lyndsey Scott in the show when these girls have been doing FANTASTICALLY WELL without the need of appearing in a Prada show… I guess this time around, the house of Prada needs them more to create some hype for its collection than these girls needing the house to book a campaign…

  21. I was a bit surprised that Sasha was absence in Prada.
    But, totally, i’m not surprised at this casting and it didn’t make me feel fresh more than the choice of Versace and Burberry Prorsum.

    It is okay to see a lot of many new model girls as usual. That’s Prada.
    And, also good to see regular Prada girls like Lara Stone, Freja Beha and Anabela Belikova, and see Iseline Steiro again.

    I have not already agreed to a theory that Prada’s opening girl must be successful or famous.

    Shu Pei was so beautiful at the last Chanel haute couture, btw.

  22. right you are christopher! thats what i was trying to articulate. these girls are not new. Prada probably thinks they have “discovered” them, but the reality is there is only “new” face in there – rasa. not that everyshow has to be about new faces, but dont give prada all the credit.Shu Pei is AMAZING and has been in the mix since 2007! its crazy to me that prada finally puts 2 asians and one black girl that this is modern and get “buzz” on i think is going to lose crediblilty if they keep worshiping Prada and calvin like they do. its all false hype. look at the collections – the clothes at Bottega and vera and jil were better than this.

  23. this collection was weird its like seeing old people in pig tales..? some of the clothe scream prada but the styling just throws it off
    i just don’t think the styling really mixed with the collection i didnt like it at all

  24. lol. love these comments. I thought I was the only one who thought that lauding a house that has steadfastly refused to book non-white models for decades for booking two asians a one black out of 37 is a bit rich.

  25. I see 3 girls as a huge difference but i would love to see an indian, persian, spanish, somalian, philipino etc. models at prada show. Now thats what i call diversity..

  26. prada is the most overrated brand and model user.. pradas nice but its nothing compared to other designers like galliano or chanel… anyways love asians models in this show but still most of the white girls are soooooo boring looking.. soo boring.. probably the best show with the best models cast was dolce and gabbana s/s 2007 and f/w 2007!!! check it out!!!

  27. im sorry to say that i can,t see diversity in this pics specially with shu pen and liu wen coz thought they were twins at first glance. i think that chinese korean and japanese girls are over representing asian beauties. why not getting darker skin asiana like thai nor a filipina because they are more exotic. i hope there will be another anna bayle….

  28. prada is soo overhyped. Before it was special to walk for Prada between the big girls, now it’s like every girl make a chance, this whole cast was a joke except for fews like Nimue Smit, Natasha Poly, Freja Beha and campaign girls Kendre Spears and Anne de Rijk.
    No Ymre, No Sasha, No Katlin who opened and closed last season, No Julia who was a campaign girl. Like WTF?

  29. i love that more asian models are being included in the industry. as pretty as they are, the pale skinned blondes are kinda looking the same to me. i’m not being racist at all, i love jacquelyn and mirte especially, but more asian and african american models would make things less boring.

  30. Sorry to intrude but, fashion is an art & a state of mind, people want to expand art. Do not critize people for their artowrk & hardwork seriously would you like it alot. All of them are beautiful women/girls but also Ellen please shut up, no girl has to be be a big famousy model to open & close fashion shows. Those every girls are the girls who end up makind a small difference and maybe ending up big famousy models. Prada is it’s own art, Like every other brand. Every brand is quite different. may have some close ideas but never the same.

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