Shock Wave

If you saw the Tori Praver cover of Vogue Russia coming then you can count yourself officially ahead of the curve. The curvaceous Hawaii beach babe’s slot on the cover of a magazine usually reserved for the most editorial Eastern European faces was another of the month’s stunning surprises. Do you love it? Are you waiting for the Freaky Friday moment when Anna Selezneva appears in Sports Illustrated? Let us know how you feel!





Tori Praver by Matt Irwin | Image Credit – achAT & ASF @ The Fashion Spot

  1. Russians dont really care for the Eastern European looks. You can see so many girls on the streets, in schools, in colleges that look like Anabela, Irina and so on. It’s not loved and appreciate because it is just so common. Russian ladies love big blonde hair, lots of make up, expensive underwear, pouty lips and drama. And Tori portrays that just perfectly.

  2. this girl is stunning! i know that times change but i wish there was a wave of extremely good looking models like in the nineties! Not girls but WOMEN! as i watch the shows of the ยด90s on youtube and then last season shows omg back 15 years ago things were SO MUCH BETTER!

  3. She is babe as, and looks far better with dark tinted eye brows… And anna selezneva, although loved by me and many, just isn’t SI material if you ask me… but i was shocked when Hilary Roda popped up in the swimsuit issue.

    If you like tori a similar girl is Melbourne’s Jessica Hart

    ^^ stunning and womanly, with gap-teeth, just to be trendy Hahaa

  4. Tori has to be one of the most beautiful models around. Sure she can do swimsuit but she shows she can do gorgeous editorials, too! Her figure is to die for, not too big, not too skinny..and all about her is perfect! Anna is gorgeous but not swimsuit material and besides the Eastern Europeans love the Tori look as well, if not more, than Anna’s. They are intrigued by American models. Tori was perfect and is perfect and will be perfect.

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