July Korean Bazaar

3 rising new Korean stars from left to right
Lee (DCM, Major Model Management), Han (Marilyn Model Mgmt), Daul Kim (Elite New York) shot by top Korean photographer, Ryoo Hyoung Won. For all those fashion fanatics who want original Korean covers, here’s a gorgeous one just for you!

Ph: Ryoo Hyoung Won for Korean Vogue, July 08. Photo courtesy of DCM Models/Korea

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  1. I agree. Very pretty; the colors, the poses. I think Ryoo did a superb job, as so did the three beauties.( Hey, wasn’t Ryoo a featured photographer on ANTM cycle 3, when they were in Tokyo?)You are the best Betty!! You get your hands on some of the best stuff, and to the minute!! Keep it up. 😉

  2. love koreaa! my fav place in the world, this photoshoot is fantastic, but is it only me but the 3 look identical, r they related?

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