Glam Stam

Alright mag addicts (you know who you are) dig into your magazine collection and pull out a Vogue from the late 60s. No matter the issue you will invariably see a black and white, soft focus, slightly grainy editorial featuring a model jumping, prancing and dancing in a studio with the wind machine working overtime. The vibe is high glamour and the look is expertly recreated by Mariano Vivanco in the latest Numero Korea. Jessica Stam moves like a latter day Jean Shrimpton and captures all the cool sex appeal and glamour of the period perfectly.






  1. It’s a very different edit from Stam. Usually she just staring at the camera with blank expression. This one is full of energy!

  2. she’s getting better and better as the years pass by..she’s turning into a cat. love her.
    all the best for her <3

  3. Stam and Vivanco make a really wonderful combination, a match made in magazine heaven!
    It’s interesting how he photographs her both in motion and in simple still poses – this hows how versatile both of them are.
    This issue is a must-have!

  4. WOW!! She is so beautiful. She can sell everything. Please someone gives her a BIG cosmatic contract.

    The outfit in 2nd photo is so Madonna.

  5. ohmygodd ive neveeer seeen any one likee shes just amazinn i waana be just like her … pleaasee i waanaa be a modlee soo badd x

  6. yeahhhh!! haha now i finally am able to purchase this numero with stam’s stunning look.. because i live in korea…!! haha

  7. my god! she looks so beautiful, chic and classy in this pictures it’s for much a great model!. i think i’ve fall in love hehe

  8. Absolutely gorgeous I think she is one of the supermodels nowadays alongside with Coco, Daria and Sasha!!!…and WE REALLY WANT to see her in movies…Perfection Stam!!

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